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In the last post, we discussed about the goal card. I said that there is a hidden secret behind the little card. By reading out your goals download teacher the divx download marley me movie out loud persistently, we are actually feeding our subconscious mind. How this works? You may wonder.

Our subconscious mind divx bolt is very powerful. It believes everything that we conceive. Whatever that we hear, whatever that we see, whatever that we smell, whatever we taste and whatever that we feel. Our subconscious mind can not differentiate what is right and what is wrong. It can not reason with logic. All it does is receive, receive and receive!

Have you ever knocked your head to the table when you tried to pick up something from under the table? I"m sure you have experienced that at least a few times, especially when you were a kid.

When we tried to get up, our heads tend to knock to the table for the first few times. After a few times, we tend to create the awareness. For the 4th time (for example), when we get up half way, we tend to stop, move out our heads and get up completely and we"ll do the same thing in the future.

This is how we program our subconscious mind spirit the divx movie online . We need to do certain things continuously and persistently (knock to the table) with intense emotion (pain) in order to hammer the thought into our mind; and since then, it will function automatically.

I’ll explain this in the greater depth in the next post. Stay tune.


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