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I listen to Andrew Matthews’ talk, in Singapore last two days. It is a crowd of over 3000 people. Andrew is an international speaker on “attitude”, “being happy”, “success” and “prosperity”. There are 2 lessons in his talk which I would like to share with you.

First Lesson
For whatever things that happen to you, blame yourself. Don"t blame others. Blaming others will not going to do you any good. Only by blaming yourself that you"ll learn. Do not dwell too long in your failure. Instead, learn from it and keep on going.

Let"s say for example, if burglars enter your house and take away everything from your house, don"t blame the burglars. Instead blame yourself for not installing a proper security alarm.

What is this has to do with the Law of Attraction?

When you start to blame others, you begin to send out the negative thought which, according to the Law of Attraction, will bring in more of the negative events. However, if you think of solutions, you will attract more of the solution.

Second Lesson
The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. Yeah, we all know this. But how many of us actually apply this into our life? Have you ever learn to save money? If you do, how do you save your money?

Let"s say you"re trying to save $10

Do you save, 2 bucks, then 3 bucks, then 2 bucks, then spend 2 bucks, then save another 4 bucks, then spend a buck and save another 2 bucks. (fluctuating graph)


Do you save 1 bucks, 2 bucks, 5 bucks, and 2 bucks? (straight line)

Look at the graph below. Which is the fastest way to get you from point A (which is where you are) to point B (which is where you want to go)?

Success Graph - Law of Attraction

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This is the food for thought for today:
Think of diet or achieving your goals. Are you following the straight line? Or are you following the fluctuating line?

Ponder about it. If you"re following the fluctuating line all these while, it"s time to stop doing what you"re doing and start to follow the straight line path if you want to achieve your goals real fast. You"re not only going to do it faster but a lot easier.spoiler dvd download immortel ad vitam divx online

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