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Today, I’m going to share with you a 2-word phrase that can change your life.

You might be wondering what those two words are. Don’t worry, we’ll get there in a moment.

You know, when I ask my students and friends about what they really want in their lives, their dreams, etc., the answers that I often receive are:

I don’t know

I’m not sure

I wish I had one…

(Or they just give me a guilty smile)

These answers are not specific at all and if you really know what you want, how on earth you expect to GET IT?!

It just doesn’t make any sense.

Picture this:

You get into a cab and as usual the cab driver will ask you where do you wanna go. What if you tell the cab driver this, “I don’t know, just drive and I’ll tell you when we have reached.”

(If I’m the cab driver, I’ll throw you out on the spot. You’re wasting my time.)

How do you expect to get to the destination if you don’t know where you want to go?

It sounds crazy but that’s how most people leading their lives. Their motto seems to be “life happens to me” instead of “I create my own life and destiny.” Are you one of them? I hope not.

The third answer, which is “I wish I can,” is more specific but it lacks some passion in it. The word, “I wish” means you hope to get something but you don’t necessarily need it.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you just finished your dinner and for some unknown reasons, you just want to taste a small slice of cheese cake. You want it not because you are hungry. It’s just that if you have it, your life will be better and if you don’t, no big deal to you as well.

That’s what I mean by lacking of passion, when you just wish for something and nothing further.

To teach your goal, you need more powerful words than just “I wish.” The two words are, I WANT


When you say, “I want,” it means you must have it and there’s no excuse for you not to have it. It’s like oxygen—it’s very essential to one’s existence!

You don’t just wish that you could have plenty of oxygen to breathe, do you? You want it and you must have it because it gives you life. See the difference?

If you want to be successful, integrate these 2 words in your life:


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For example:

I want to be a millionaire.

I want a healthy life.

I want to go to gym and workout everyday.

I want to give lots of love to my wife, children and family each and everyday.

I want to be financially free by 31st December 2009.

I want to help at least one person a day for the rest of my life. download school of rock the divx

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I want to get 5 new customers (and keep them) everyday.

I want my family and I to be happy together.

And many more…

See yourself as a commander. When you use the words “I want,” you are giving commands to yourself and the universe. Every command must be clear and specific.

Your words are NOW laws!

The phrase “I want” gives you more authority and motivation to achieve something than the phrase “I wish.”

Try to say these 2 sentences out loud:

I want to be successful!

I wish to be successful.

Which sentence gives you more driving force to be successful? (Share your thought with me in the comment box.)

So, remember to use the word “I want” when you attract the things you want with the Law of Attraction.

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    • Used Tires

      You really made the point with your great example of the Taxi Cab. I have always said to myself, that the mindset off a person will determine their success before they even start a project.

    • raymond

      Hi Used Tires,

      That’s very true. We can predict the “future” just by looking at the present.

    • Miki

      Raymond, isn’t it funny that most people can tell you what they don’t want, but ask them what they want and they either don’t know or find excuses for why they can’t have it. The eternal ‘but’ at the end of the “I want”.

      You’ve used some great examples that get the message across loud and clear!

    • raymond

      Hey Miki,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. That’s so true.

      Most people have no idea how much more they can achieve just by be clear of what they want.

    • Kramer

      Those words are really motivational and powerful. I think it would be a very good driving force for everybody to know that we can achieve anything as long as we know what path we want to lead.

    • raymond

      Hi Kramer,

      Great to hear that you see the power. :)

    • Gry dla Dzieci

      I’d go the other way around this. The two powerful words are I CAN. When you realise that you can do whatever you want you’re more likely to make righ choices and get what you really want.

    • raymond

      Hi Gry,

      Thanks for sharing the complimentary idea.

      If we use both of these phrases, it’ll be double powerful.

      For example,

      “I want and I can be a superstar”

    • hkki

      nice post. But do you really believe that somebody can become a millionaire by just saying”I want to be a millionaire”.

    • raymond

      Hi Hkki,

      The answer is absolutely not.

      However, when you say “I want to be a millionaire”, it gives you more driving force to take the necessary actions to achieve the goal.

    • neda

      Thank you Raymond , very nice examples but I dont agree. ‘WANT’ is a future event like ‘Will’ , ‘might.’
      I would use the phrase as if I already done it or had it.
      i.e I am successful now or I am healthy now.
      Isnt it right that when you want something you keep on wanting it and not actully haveing it?Isnt it suppose to be all about NOW???
      so the two words that I believe will change anybody’s life are: I am/Have.

    • raymond

      Hi Nada,

      Thank you for sharing that. I stand corrected. :)


      that’s absolutely right.thanks for sharing.

    • raymond

      You’re welcome, nonigroup

    • Reginald

      I disagree with your thesis. When you say “I want”, you are sending vibrations to the Universe that you do no have. When you are wanting , you are focusing on what you don’t have; as a result, you don’t get it. For a insightful explanation, see my blog post: “Letting Go of Wanting”,



      • raymond

        Hey Reginald,

        Thank you for sharing that. I deeply appreciate it. :)

    • medikal

      Hi Used Tires,

      That’s very true. We can predict the “future” just by looking at the present. . .

    • seslieses

      Those words are really motivational and powerful. I think it would be a very good driving force for everybody to know that we can achieve anything as long as we know what path we want to lead. . . .

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