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We talked about how we unconsciously become a victim to our success yesterday

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and why it is so rewarding to be a victim even tough it kills your successes.

The reward of being a victim is that they believe that they’ll get something back out of it such as attention, sympathy, empathy and other so-called “privileges”.

This is like drugs that kill you slowly because it only brings you short term pleasure in exchange for a long term sufferings.

Why is it important to get you out from the crowd of victims?

You will NEVER get the Law of Attraction to work with you and to give you your desired outcome if you insist to play your role as a victim. In this case, the Law of Attraction will only work against you.

So, it is crucial to clean your spiritual-self first before we install the positive software of the Law of Attraction.

Here are 3 deadly signs for you to identify if you are a victim

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First sign – Justifying

Second Sign – Complaining download candyman

Third Sign – Blame

Elaborate on each one of this would be too long for this article. Thus, I plan to write it separately, in details. Stay tune!

Meanwhile, share with me how many signs you have. That will help me to carve the coming article for you to get you out from the sea of victims.

To make the Law of Attraction works for you, you must first clean the dirt. :)

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    • Gloria Hamilten

      Raymond, I love the part about justifying.

      It’s really interesting that when we women need to change an appointment or cancel it, we go into detail about ‘why’.

      For example: “something unexpected came up”; “the children have an after school activity”, etc, etc

      Whereas a man just says: “I’d like to change my appointment to……..”

      And that’s it.

      That’s at least one thing we can learn from you guys :-)

      Love it,



    • raymond

      Hi Gloria,

      I notice that too. :P

      Perhaps women need some “verification” or approval from others to make them feel okay.

      Just my guess. :)

      Thanks for sharing.

    • AJ

      Why are their 3 articles elaborating on how to be a victim???? were supposed to be focusing on solutions here!!
      your right about being a victim gets us attention, sympathy, and empathy.

      so what do we do about it??? elaborating on the victim mentallity is just gona cause us to manifest it more in our lives!!!

      You see, Im complaining, which is a clear sign of having a victim mentality. Thats cause I have a hardcore victim mentally. Ive tried stopping it, but Im addicted to attention, sympathy, and empathy, and so I just go back to being a victim. I need a healthier way to get attention, sympathy, and empathy!!!

      how do I do that, I need to get out of shit victim menatllity!! please!

    • raymond

      Hi AJ,

      The solution is loud and clear here (if you really read it)

      The solution is STOP complaining, STOP justifying and STOP blaming.

      You can still get attention by NOT being a victim and I’m talking about quality attention here.

      Successful people like Bill Gates, Donald Trumps and Steve Jobs get lots of attention too and yet they are not a victim.

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