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Good day my fellow attractors,

As promised, I"m going to share how you can program your mind for your lucid dream.

#1 – Do It Manually

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If you think that you can"t keep talking to yourself until you fall asleep, then you can have somebody to say it to you. Perhaps, by whispering it to your ears.

Write the sentence on a piece of paper and ask him/her to whisper it to you slowly and softly to your ears as you are ready to sleep on your bed until you fall asleep.

I know, it"s not so practical but see it from the bright side. It"s free!

#2 – Record it

If you have an mp3 player or a Dictaphone, you may record what you want to say in your mp3 player for 30-50 times. To add more effect to that, you can use the water flowing sound from the aquarium or water feature in your home as the background sound.

Listening to your own voice is more convincing to your subconscious mind than other people"s voice.

If you already have a voice recorder, than this is a free method for you too. You just have to leverage on your electronic device. ;)

#3 – Purchase a mind enhancement audio CD download trailer park of terror movie

This is the method I use and I believe in the investment for education. Talking about this I would like to share this quote with you

“If you think that education is expensive, try ignorance.”

-Ben Franklin

There are plenty of brain enhancement"s CDs out there and I have to admit that I have not tried them all. What I use is the Lucid Dream CD from the Super Mind Evolution System

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Lucid Dream Brain Enhancement Audio

You can purchase it here

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I find it interesting and it works for me beautifully. For your information, I have my speakers at the left and right of my pillow where it plays the music of this CD when I go to bed. Since I sleep alone comfortable every night, I don"t have the problem disturbing others when I play the audio.

If you sleep with your spouse, then you have to use earphones ;)

Again, I hope all these methods useful for you.

Attract your dreams tonight!

Raymond Chua signature

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    • cup beans

      I usually memorize a sentence or two for a day or two and anytime I need it I can simply replay it in my mind over and over again like a soothing lullaby.

    • raymond

      Hi Cub beans,

      That’s a good practice. :)

      Thanks for sharing.

    • PSP Go

      Sounds interesting I think I am going to look more into this and give it a try.

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