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Fear often comes into our lives. Throughout the history, we can see that people fear of failure, fear of other people, fear of water, fear of being lonely, fear of height, fear of ghost, fear of insects, fear of darkness and the list goes on.

Fear is a negative feeling. According to the Law of Attraction, whenever you feel fear, you will attract more fear. It means, fearful events, happening, situation and experience.

When you feel fear, you are injecting the fearful thought into your vibration mix. This vibration mix will be sent to the universe and guess what? Like attracts like. The vibration or the wave (you sent out) will be spread to the whole entire universe to find the same wave, resonate and attract it into your life.

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

How very true.

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OK, So How To Eliminate My Fear? download night skies

To eliminate your fear, you must first not to think of fear. Do not invite the fearful feeling to you because when you think and feel it or worse, even visualize it, then, consciously or unconsciously, you are attracting it to you.

When you feel fear, do not focus on FEAR. Switch it into another positive emotion. When I feel fear, I immediately switch it into love, joy and happiness. Think of the past experience that make you feel such way.

Visualize the moment you being your little kid to the playground. Replay their laughter, replay the smiles on their face and think of whatever that makes you happy, joy and feel loved.

By that you can, not only eliminate the fear but to stay in the positive emotions.

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The negative and positive emotions are like acid and alkali. They neutralize each other.

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When you pour in positive thoughts, you will neutralize the negative thoughts and stay positive until you begin to pour in the negative thoughts again.

May happiness, joy and love always be with you.

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    • zaki blogjer

      Fear came naturally, in instance, in a split of seconds such as fear of death. Fear also has different level, should this apply to all?

    • raymond

      Sometimes we just can’t block the fear but we can always eliminate them whenever we detect them.

      The main purpose we eliminate the fear is because we don’t want to attract more fear.

      So, whenever you feel fear, neutralize, remedy or counter that negative wave with positive thoughts and emotions such as love, joy and happiness.

      I hope this helps :)

    • zaki blogjer

      Thanks. It helps partially.

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Here another sharing I didn’t get to share this earlier as I being busy lately. Another way to eliminate fear, once someone comment, “Why the sudden fear?”. First, don’t concentrate on what you fear, this is similar to the above. Fear requires you to have an active imagination. Second do the thing you fear to do and you’ll gain the power to do it. It’s a law of nature. For instance, we’ve watched birds fly and figured it was automatic for them to do so. But that is not true at all. I guess you must know the rest of the story. If not let me know. Thanks.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Thanks for sharing.

      I do know the story. It’s about overcoming the fear to fly.

    • Matt

      YES, exactly. When I think of fear I get fearful thoughts and they arise into my brain brain and then I go coo coo. I like happy thoughts and think of them when I think of them. Happiness = Good and the Law of Goodness happiness loves you good love everything is good and nothing bad can happen to me. I’m perfect and nothing bad can happen to me ever. I can’t even be killed because I’m pure love energy. I’m safe, I’m safe. NO one can hurt me. I love me.

    • raymond

      Hi Matt,

      That’s a very positive happy thought. :)

      You’re awesome!

    • kristell

      it’s all on your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • raymond

      Yes it is, Kristell.

    • eulogy samples

      Fear is my second name. I fear almost everything at every time.

      I think it is mainly because I am insecure and because of the failures that I had.

    • raymond

      Hi Eulogy,

      The very first thing that you can do is to change the way you think and feel.

      Say it to yourself that you can eliminate the fear over and over again and confront your own mind.

    • Sarah

      My great fear is darkness , i can’t be alone in night. I tried myself very much to get rid of it , but i feel something moving around cause me fear

    • raymond

      Hi Sarah,

      I hope that the tips above can help you to eliminate your fear.

    • best man

      Fear is something that I have know for a long time and for a variety of things…mainly snakes… but the thing is if I stop fearing snakes and be more confident about them, wont it make me a bit vain.

      Dont you think that having fear keeps you normal…. makes you remember that your human.

    • raymond

      Hi best man,

      For me, it is perfectly normal to live in a fearless life.

      It does not make you a bit vain unless you want to feel so.

      Do the fears serve you? Or it stops you from doing what you want?

    • Tampa Real Estate Agents

      Fear is something that should be done away. I think this is the best way one can get rid of so many insecurities and also gives you more confidence.

      Thanks for the tips!

    • raymond

      That’s right. Insecurities attract more insecurities.

      Go, and filter them away.

    • GiveBackToYourself

      Fear is good, it keeps us from making irrational decisions and being too cocky.

      It’s essential to maintain peace and balance.

    • raymond

      Hi GiveBackToYourself,

      I beg to be different.

      You don’t have to choose when you can have both.

      One can be fearless and polite.

      One can be fearless and making a smart decision.

      Fearful people can make irrational decision too. Therefore, I don’t think fear is the factor in this case.

      Just my sharing.

    • New Jersey Home Inspectors

      Fear is our worst enemy… My captain used to say this when we were in Iraq… Found the article very informative… Thanks…

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