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Hello my fellow attractors,

We have been talking about alpha brainwave, its benefits and it"s relation with the Law of Attraction or the process of manifestation for the past 2 days.

If you missed those valuable and informative posts, you may want to read them first before you proceed with this article. Here are the links:

Excuse Me, Are You In Alpha?

How Alpha Wave Works Together With The Law of Attraction

Today, I"ll share with you how you can put your brain into alpha state.

#1 – Meditation

A simple meditation can reduce your conscious mind activities and increase the activities of your subconscious mind. Deep meditation will put you into theta state.

#2 – Day dreaming

Imagine this. You attend a lecture, a course or a seminar. As you listen attentively to the speaker/lecturer, unconsciously, you “dream” away from the room.

Let me give you an example. Let"s say you are attending an option trading seminar and you listen to a sentence where you can make a lot of money doing option trading. The next thing that comes to your mind is you begin to “see” and feel the money right in front of you and you begin to plan how to spend and reinvest the money away.

That is alpha state. Your consciousness to your surrounding drops dramatically and you begin to live in the world created by your subconscious mind.

The downside of this is you don"t have the power of control over your “dream”. What you dream may not be what you really want and the worst is it turns out to be a nightmare (You day dream about something bad)

#3 – Focus visualization

This is the visualization that is thought in The Secret movie. Consciously, you really know what you want. Then, you focus on the things, event, result or whatever that you want and you build the feeling around it/them.

Let"s say you want a luxury car (you name it). All you need to do is, you build the feeling of you already owning the car and here"s the critical part.

You need to feel the car. It means you wanna feel the speed. Picture it in your mind"s eye. “See” how quickly the trees pass by on your left and on your right.

Try its stability. Use your mind to drive your car make a sharp turning. Feel how stable it is.

lock stock and two smoking barrels divx


If you picture the negative events, you will attract it.

Well, that"s just some example; you can picture its color, sound, hardness, shiny surface … etc.

Note that when you are in the alpha state, you will unconscious or less conscious to your surrounding (except that you have train your brain to flip the alpha and beta brainwave alternately).

If you visualize your dreams and still stay as conscious as ever, chances are you are not visualizing it using your alpha brainwave

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and it will be as good as nothing.

I know that there are people who find it hard to put themselves in alpha state. They try to be in alpha state but it doesn"t seem to work. That would be a strong reason that you must read my next article because I will share some easy ways with you tomorrow. free fifth commandment the movie download

Stay tune!

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    • J W

      Hey, I like the second one, day dreaming, I never thought day dreaming is consider as alpha state too!

    • raymond

      Hi JW,

      Dropping into alpha state is one of our natures. We tend to drop in alpha state a few times in a day.

      Sometimes, we may be unconscious to our surrounding when we watch interesting tv shows or play video games. :)

      Thanks for your comment. ;)

    • Hypnose

      It is the same when your car is skidding, focus on the road, not the trees by the side, or that is where you will end up.

    • raymond

      Hi Hypnose,

      I learned about that when I was learning how to ride bicycle few decades ago.

      It puzzled me until last year, then only the whole thing become clear to me.

      Energy flows where attention goes. :)

    • Jett Brenner

      You tend to become what you think about most!

      By thinking of your goals while you are in the alpha state, you will make them the dominant thoughts in your mind. As a result you will achieve your goals faster!

    • raymond

      Hi Jett,

      That’s right! :)

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