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CharlotteImage by Damale’ via FlickrThe current economic situation and the environment affect many people, that their confidence level starts to drop drastically. Instead of controlling the situation, most people let the event and the environment take over them.

When you have a strong self-confidence, you are more likely to get whatever you wish for. Remember the Law of Attraction?

On the other hand, if you lack self-confidence, you begin to doubt yourself, which is equivalent to slaughtering the power of the Law of Attraction.

This article is written to rebuild the lost self-confidence.

I touched about self-confidence and how it differs from being arrogant. So, today, I’m going to share about how you can rebuild your lost self-confidence.

Self-confidence dissolves in the emotions of fear, guilt and discouragement. When you feel fear, guilt and discouragement, your confidence level dives down to the bottom.

Those emotions are the root causes of losing your self-confidence. Therefore, in order to rebuild your self-confidence, you must first eliminate your fear, guilt and discouragement.

The BIG question is how to eliminate those emotions?

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I will provide you with all the steps that you need to get rid of those feelings, BUT only if you are willing to play your part. Yes. It involves some work.

Step #1 – Feel the misery

Take a few minutes to write down how would it feel like if you have a day or two of total freedom to enjoy your MISERY.

Stop reading until you finish this exercise and start participating.


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Step #2 – Be grateful

List out 10 things that you are grateful for (I do this literally everyday).

This simple exercise can change the way you feel.


Step #3 – Eliminate the fear

The only way to eliminate the fear is by facing it. Write down something that you are afraid of doing right now.

Then DO IT!

I have a lot of fears and procrastinations too. And when I catch myself having these feelings, I force myself to face them. The best thing is, once I face them, they’re gone. They are just like illusions.


Step #4 – Kill the guilt

List 10 things that you are feeling guilty of. It could be you are not making enough for your family, your broken relationship or any guilt that you have in yourself right now.

After that, I want you to write down how would you feel if there were no reason for you to feel guilty about them anymore.

How would you feel without all these loads and burdens?

Finally, list out 3 reasons why you should not feel guilty for each of these things.


Step #5 – Empower yourself download munich dvd

There are multiple ways that you can empower yourself. You can read motivational books, listen to empowering audio tapes and read inspiring blog posts.

I hope you have taken some actions to follow through these 5 steps and once you have done so, give yourself a pat at the back and say “Thank you.” It is very important to reward yourself for any success that you achieved.

Once you have gained back your self-confidence, get ready to attract all the things that you desire with the Law of Attraction.

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    • banbarak

      Inspiring!Thanks for providing the interesting information on confidence in which all are lagging behind these days.My idea is to have confidence always focus on all your good points.

    • raymond

      Hi Bannarak,

      You’re very welcome.

      Usually people lost their self-confidence because they are focusing on the wrong/negative side.

      You are doing the right thing. :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      Two quotations Raymond!
      “You have brains in your head.
      You have feet in your shoes.
      You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
      You’re on your own.
      And you know what you know.
      You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.”
      ~Dr. Seuss

      “Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond your control.” ~Richard Kline

    • raymond

      Oh, they’re so great. They’re so meaningful. Thank you for sharing them. I love the first one.

      Simple yet powerful!

    • Atniz

      Good list of self confidence building steps. I need this early of the month to fire up for my targets.

    • raymond

      Hi Atniz,

      I hope you’ll reach your target far before the “due date” :)

    • Nicole Price

      I think destroying the fear is the most significant portion of getting back your confidence. Once you overcome your fear, self confidence follows.IMHO

    • raymond

      Fear is absolutely the biggest thing that holds people back achieving what they desire in their lives.

    • Amiee

      Stirring post! Fear is real in life but confidence is the thing which gives you energy to fight with the fear, by destroying the negetive thoghts.

    • raymond

      Hi Amiee,

      Fear is created by our false belief and it only seems real. Fortunately, self-confidence is one of the element that counter the false belief. :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      Glad you liked the quotes Raymond. Nice way to start off December!

    • raymond

      Haha … it is a great way to start off. :)

    • Henry

      Great post! I’ve heard the 10-things-I’m-grateful-for exercise work wonders for some friends and I’ve been meaning to start it myself. Now I can go the extra mile by doing the rest of your steps. Thanks!

    • Cheap Conveyancing

      Very good and fine article and content for online users especially who have lost their self confidence. I know without self confidence we can’t do anything in the world. Very well described points to pay attention while raising the self-confidence process!

    • raymond

      Hi Henry,

      The best time to do them all is NOW! :)

    • raymond

      Hi Cheap Conveyancing,

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Raja

      I like step number 3, “The only way to eliminate the fear is by facing it”
      I just realized this

    • raymond

      That’s one of my favorite, Raja.

      Though it’s hard to face it but I do it anyway.

      I just face another fear this morning and I feel fantastic after facing it. The pleasure out weights the pain.

    • Wii Fit

      Hope you will achive your target intime.

    • raymond

      Thank you, Wii Fit. :)

    • Simple Delights

      i badly need this one. ill take time to do these things on a daily basis. thanks

    • raymond

      Hi Simple Delights,

      Great, take the action. :)

    • http://www, Motherhood

      How inspiring! I think many people are in dire need of these tips!

    • raymond

      Hi Motherhood,

      Thank you. :)

    • stephanie

      Needed to everyone here…As our confidence level decreases we cannot work for even a simple problems…good steps to hear and go…

    • raymond

      Hi Stephenie,

      I hope this article serves its purpose. :)

    • Andy, Online Florist Flowers Delivery

      Inspiring 5 steps! Particularly #3 – facing our fears. Yup, FEAR cripples us, speak lies into our minds and when we believe them, it ultimately paralyses us.

      Gone through your site a bit, amazed at the number of times you’ve watched the video(!) Reminds me of my kid tirelessly watching the same vid repeatedly and consecutively… guess that happens when you’re completely sold out and passionate about something!

    • raymond

      Hi Andy,

      Your kid and I have something in common. :)

      In the recent audio program that I listened to, it says that we are not lazy. It’s just that we lack of the passion to do something.

      As long as we can develop the passion, laziness is never a problem.

    • Cancer Treatment FL

      Nice tips for build self confidence. I think fear is killer of motivation or self confidence.
      Good article. Thanks.

    • raymond

      You’re welcome, Cancer treatment.

    • Ibogaine

      These are just great tips for building self confidence. I do believe that empowering yourselves is the best way to build your self confidence. These are just good tips to make our life live in a better way. These tips inspire me the most. I’ll definitely follow these in my life.

      • raymond

        Hi Ibogaine,

        Thanks for your support. :)

    • décor mirrors

      This is what i need. Love it! Thanks and congratulations.

    • décor mirrors

      Amazing tips for building myself confidence. Thanks and congratulations for the job well done.

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