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When is the last time you sigh? Sigh is like a debt. There are good sigh and bad sigh.

According to Wikipedia, sigh means, taking a deep breathe caused by stress, relief, disappointment, etc. – sometimes an involuntary action.

Bad Sigh

Examples of bad sighs are like:

You sigh when you see your kids messed up the room

You sigh when you have too much work to do

You sigh when somebody goes against you or

You sigh when you get scolded for something which is not your fault.

Warning: When you sigh (the bad sigh in this term) you may think and feel the negative feelings. Unconsciously, you send negative thoughts to the universe. Law of Attraction says, like attracts like.

When we send out negative thoughts, we will attract negative results, events and things into our life. No wonder some Chinese culture says that sigh will bring bad lucks. It seems ridiculous to me at first but when we analyze it deeper with the Law of Attraction, it is actually true.

Good Sigh

Not all sigh are bad. Here are some examples of sighs which I do not consider as bad sigh:

You sigh when you get first in a competition.

You sigh when you have accomplished certain task.

You sigh when you reach you destination just in time.

You sigh when you see your kids act in a cute way.

When you express your sigh of relief, you will feel good and have good thoughts. By thinking of good things and feeling good, you will attract more good things into your life. Far to my knowledge, Chinese culture never says anything about good sigh.

So, in the future, THINK BEFORE YOU SIGH!

Make sure you are expressing a good sigh of relief. spoiler download girl happy divx movie online

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    • Liara Covert

      Its curious how exhaling after breathing deeply might sound like a sigh, but this may simply be a period of contemplation.

    • zaki blogjer

      I’m not sure if you can think before you sigh, it just happen naturally and uncontrollable :)

    • Raymond

      Hi Liara, perhaps they are the same thing.

      Hi Zaki. If you keep positive all the time, you will always produce good sigh :)

    • zaki blogjer

      Thanks Raymond. I’ll try to stick it on my brain

    • raymond

      You’re most welcome.

      I’m trying that myself. Let’s make it happen! :)

    • seo

      Tyler, you really don’t have to apologize us. :/

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