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A Fussy Client

July 18, 2007 | 10 Comments

Meeting fussy clients seems like an unavoidable experience in the world of business. But, what if I can give you some tips on how you can reduce the number of your fussy clients or customers and even eliminate them entirely.

Of course I don"t mean to ask you to kill your customer base entirely but rather teach you how to attract more good customers and distract bad customers.

Before we go into how we can attract good customers, let"s look at how we attract bad or fussy customers (consciously or unconsciously) for a moment. I am not trying to inject negative thoughts in your mind; but rather to create awareness in your daily life.

I used to be a salesman (many years ago). Approaching strangers is one of the fearful things to me. So, before I approach any customers or clients, I will think of all the negative thoughts I can imagine such as, “This is not gonna work”, “He is going to say NO”, “This guy looks fierce” and so on (without even aware of it)

I was a good predictor (not predator). All my thoughts came true. When things happen exactly as I thought, I"ll say, “There I said, she"ll say NO.”

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A lot of “not so good” things befall me. I frequently got scolded, rejected and failed. The worst thing is that I don"t even know why? Like most of the people. I blame everybody except myself.

Not knowing that the Law of Attraction watch gym teacher the movie in divx is always in action is brutal. I was not aware that it was me who attracted all those negative experiences. I can always predict that negatives experiences will always come to me because I always think negatively.

As long as I do not change my thought, I will never change the result. The Secret really turns my life around. I have heard of the Law of Attraction many times and have read a lot of motivational books but I still have no clue.

It was until I watched The Secret that every single piece of puzzles began to put themselves together and there is where and when the BIG pictures come into my mind.

Everything is explainable. I had a very strong reason to change my thoughts and habit.

In the next post, I’m going to give you an example of attracting bad results and how you can turn that around. Stay tune…

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    • Sim

      Hi Raymond,

      Great post there!

      I am in the sales business too and I can comprehend this feeling. This fear of rejection is the main cause of my procrastination.

      I have learnt to overcome this by thinking the positive and pleasurable outcome. Our mind always attract to pleasure and shy away from pain.

    • norzamzilah

      Hi Raymond,

      Knowing The Low of attraction from you really turns my life around.TQ

    • raymond

      Hi Sim,

      It happens to most of the people too.

      Oh yes! Thanks for dropping by.

    • raymond

      Hey Norzamzilah,

      I’m happy that it works for you too.

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    • Jeannette Maw

      Raymond, I can relate! You’re so right – it’s brutal not knowing the law of attraction and that it’s always in effect! When I was in sales, I started noticing that I could always predict a client’s response. At first I thought I was psychic or something – ha!

      As you clearly know, that’s not the case. We get what we expect. Can’t wait to read your next post!

      Thanks for a great column on law of attraction!

    • Jeannette Maw

      Raymond, I can SO relate! It IS brutal not knowing the law of attraction, and that it’s always in effect. When I was in sales I noticed I could always predict a client’s response. At first I thought I was psychic or something, but as you clearly know, that’s not the case. We get what we expect. Can’t wait to read your next post!

      Thanks for a great column on law of attraction!

    • raymond

      Hi Jeannete,

      First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest in my blog. I really appreciate that.

      I hope you got what you want here. If there’s ahy thing you want me to add, feel free to let me know.

      BTW, do you know that you can subscribe for my free ebook at the top-left column.

      I am confident that you will enjoy the valuable information and insights by Bob Proctor.

    • Mind


      Thanks for the blog. I am also in sales and am learning that the law of attraction is always at work. I am always trying to change my “fear” of rejection by visualizing my success.

      To Your Success,

    • raymond

      Hey Mind,

      I’m glad that I have attracted so many like-minded people here, including you.

      I have created the most important thing in my life which is awareness. I aware of my thoughts and environment.

      If I think something negative, I will change it to some positive thoughts almost immediately.

      If I hear somebody says something negative, I’ll walk away and focus on my goals and dreams. :)

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