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First of all, I received a few emails from readers here basically asking me to elaborate more about emptying the cup’s metaphor.

So, if you have not heard of this story, enjoy. :)

Well, it goes like this:

Once, there was a young man went up to a hill where a Zen master stayed and this young man began to ask the Zen master.

“How can I be smarter?”

Before the Zen master even had the chance to reply, the young man continue to tell the Zen master how brilliant he was, what he knew … etc.

The Zen master took a deep breath and invited the young man to his hut to have some tea.

The young man agreed and carried on to boast how smart he is.

While listening, the Zen master poured the tea to a small cup in front of the young man. He continued to pour the tea until it is overflow all over the table and the young man’s pants.

The young man jumped out and shouted, “What are you doing? The cup is full and overflowing!”

The Zen master put down the teapot and with a smile on his face, he told the young man, “If you come to me with a cup that has already full, how do you expect me to pour you a drink?”

So, whenever people are telling you that your cup is full, they mean that your mind is not open to receive new things yet.

How do you expect the universe to give you the things you want if you do not request for it?

By putting a wish out, you are actually telling the universe that your cup is empty and you want the universe put fill your cup with your dreams.

While applying the Law of Attraction

, the first step is to ask!

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    • Hai Liang

      Hi Raymond,

      I can remember vividly that I was the young guy last time. I wanted to learn from people but I also wanted to show off how much I already know. But my main intention was to show off.

      But after learning about this story in Harv’s book as well as the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, it really hit me hard. It was a change from thereon.

      Now I try to share with my friends the wonderful and crucial point of personal development as well as the Law of Attraction…they give you the same look and it is very very familiar to me…I was one of them.

      But I wasn’t really disturbed about it because if they don’t want to hear about it, then no matter how much effort I spend to talk to them, they won’t listen. It’s just not their time yet. Just like what we have learned, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

      Now once a while I catch up with my friends and see if they had emptied their cup and try to help them when they do.

      Hai Liang

    • HarmonicWealthFan

      Thanks for the post, Ray – I really enjoyed reading this!! I’d like to share with you this book I finished that might offer you some new insights. It’s called Harmonic Wealth and it’s all about finding harmony in your life in all areas – financial, relational, mental, physical, and spiritual. It has some really good tips about how to engage all five pillars (or areas) of your life, and to learn more about how they complement each other. Rather than dealing with each issue individually, maybe take a look at the bigger picture.

      Here’s the link to that book I recommend:

      a James Ray Fan

    • raymond

      Hi Hai Liang,

      The same happens to me. So what we can do now is to wait for them to “get ready” to receive what we have to share. :)

    • raymond

      Hi HarmonicWealthFan,

      Thanks for sharing the book.

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