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So, if you keep on thinking of bad clients or fussy customers, that"s what you are going to get more out.

Here"s an example:

If you meet Mr. A (your client) for the first time and he gives you some bad experiences, what will come across your mind when you meet him for the second time?

Will you think “Arrrgghh! There he is again” or “This time is going to be great”?

If you think of, “Arrrgghh! There he is again”, then you are attracting more of the negatives experiences each time you see him. This will end up giving you a series of unfortunate events.

However, if you think “This time is going to be great”, you are actually attracting more positive results and experiences in your life and business.

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Here are some tips to attract good clients or great clients into your business:

First, begin from the end of your mind. Define good clients. What is a good client to you? Different people define it differently. Is it somebody who purchases a lot of things or services with you or somebody who refers a lot of good customers to you or what?

Be clear of your definition. Then visualize divx quarantine yourself dealing with such good customers or clients everyday. Listen to the conversation you prefer the most in your mind. Yes, you created it! Create the whole conversation between you and your customers. What you want to say to them and what you want to hear from them?

You can have them saying, “All right, I would like to order …” or “I have some friends who actually asked me where they can find such a … and is it ok if I recommend them to you?”

Remember, you are the King or Queen of your own life. You are the master of your own thought. Whatever you want in your life, create it in your mind first.

Visualize the whole entire event, experience and process. Feel the surrounding, listen to the voices (your own or others), sense the smell of the surrounding (perfume, flowers, food) and see what"s in front of your eyes (colors, objects, shapes, body languages). amusement dvd download

You want to make the whole visualization process as real as possible. If you can make it so real that you can"t even differentiate between imagination and reality, then, my friend, congratulation! You are the master of attractor.

However, if you are having problem with visualization, then you must click here to find out how this little thing can bring you to the magical world.

We always get what we attracted. If you attract good clients and good customers, that"s what you are going to get. The Law of attraction never fails. It is working anytime on everybody regardless on whether you believe it or not.

Let"s attract more great clients!

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    • Aldian Prakoso

      I remember Brian Tracy mentioned the same thing… repeat to yourself before meeting your clients, “I’m the best. I’m the best. I’m the best.” This boosts your self image and helps making your meeting successful.

    • raymond

      Yes, that’s right. Just that Brian Tracy didn’t use the Law of Attraction term in his book.

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