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Welcome back to check for more tips about reducing stress. I have shared one tip with you yesterday. If you have not read it, Click here.

Well, I"m going to share another tip with you today.

Here are the second tip. (The first tip is in the last article)


Exercise regularly may help your body to stay fit. Besides, it also can help you to stay away from diseases such as stroke, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and others.

When you stress, you may feel like there"s a huge amount of “bad energy” clogs in your body. You lost our creativity, consciousness, and you just don"t know what to do. You feel like you want to scream.

To reduce your stress, you must first let go your clogging bad energy download beethoven s big break dvdrip suspiria free download . Most people do it in the wrong way. They scream and shout to their love ones, they punch, they kick, they fight and other bad actions which later on bring bad results and consequences to them.

Yes! I know that you are trying to let go the so-called bad energy but not in the bad way.

Exercising is the best way if you feel that you have a lot of bad energy within you and you would like to release that energy.

It is not only good for you, your belonging and the people around you, but also keeps your body healthy.

Try jogging, cycling, swimming, hiking or other heavy exercise. Try to break your own record. You will get a lot of satisfaction from your exercise, become healthier and fit (both physically and mentally), release your stress and be more loving when you come back to normal.

I hope this tip helps you to practice a better lifestyle.

Get more tips here

Gotta go for my crew meeting.

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Yes! I"ll be crewing for Anthony Robbins seminar tomorrow. If you see me there, please come and say hi. I"d love to meet you there.

See ya.

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    • Liara Covert

      Sounds like a fabulous opportunity to crew for the Anthony Robbns seminar. I expect your website readers will look forward to hearing highlights from your experience. Thanks for the stress reduction tips too.

    • raymond

      Hi Liara,

      This is indeed a great opportunity and I have met a few highly motivated people this afternoon.

      I have learnt so much more from this single meeting. The preparation for Anthony Robbins seminar is totally different with others I have crewed before.

      This is really fantastic.

      I’ll be at the registration counter. :)

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