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Imagine a container of crystal clear water in front of you. It’s so clean. Now, put a drop of black ink into the water. What will happen?

Will the drop of black ink sink into the bottom of the water like a stone? Or will it stain the whole container of clean water?

That’s the topic I want to talk about today.

Let’s say you have a wonderful day. You feel happy, joyful, grateful, love, excited and passionate about your new day and suddenly some undesirable happen. It could be you receive a call from a hospital telling you that your love one meet an accident, or your cell phone battery dead while you are trying to make an important call, or whatever it is.

Now, what will happen to your emotion?

Will the negative emotion from the undesirable event kill one of your positive emotions or will it kill them all?

It’s likely that one single bad emotion eliminates all your positive emotions just like the ink stain the clear water.

That’s the power of a negative thought.

“A drop of negative thought can wash away a sea of positive thoughts” – Raymond Chua

So, ladies and gentlemen, be very careful and increase your awareness of the negative thought that pops up off your mind. When you fill your mind with positive thoughts, according to the Law of Attraction

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, you’ll attract more goodness to you.

We all know that we can’t prevent negative events in our lives but eragon free we can change our perception towards the events.

When you call a friend and he didn’t pick up the phone, you can choose to think that he’s trying to ignore you and angry at you OR, you can choose to assume that he’s probably in the bathroom or upstairs.

Our perception can affect our feelings or emotion, which leads to our action and finally create the results.

So, whenever you have any negative thought, change your thought or perception. This is important because if you don’t nip the bud, the negative emotion will spread and diffuse into your mind like the ink in the water.

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    • Nicole Price

      That is a pretty good example of the water and the ink: it is so true that just one negative occurrence can tend to mar everything. If you let it. If you choose however, to concentrate on the positive rather than the negative, it wont affect you that much.

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole,

      That’s right. It takes the same effort to focus on the positive things and the negative things.

    • Dining Room Table

      “Emotions should be servants, not masters – or at least not tyrants….” – Robert Benson.

    • Avani-Mehta

      Very true. I heard something which means similar to this in totally different style –

      Humans are meaning making machines. But they can choose what meaning they want to make.

      I try to remind myself and apply this principle everytime I can.

    • raymond

      Hi Avani,

      Nothing has meaning unless the meaning we give to it.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Thanks for sharing the quotes. :)

    • Hai Liang

      Hi Raymond,

      This is a good analogy of negative thoughts…very vivid.

      Hai Liang

    • Lily Flower

      Hai Liang, I completely agree with you :)

    • raymond

      Hi Hai Liang and Lily Flower,

      Thank you.

      Nice to hear that. ;)

    • PSP Go

      You are absolutely spot on. When you start out having a bad day, it always gets worse and stress after stress happens. Starting the day on a positive note and laughing off the things that don’t go your way is the best way to get through the day.

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