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I heard of an interesting story from a local radio station few days ago and I thought it will be great to share it with you on this blog.

Here it goes:

One day, God decide to bring John to visit heaven and hell.

John said with a smile, “Sure. I"d love to.” download almost famous online

“I"ll bring you to visit the hell first”, said the God as he opened the door.

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John saw a crowd of people sitting around a dining table with a meter long spoon on their hands and they were only allowed to hold the end of the spoon.

All of them looked sad because all they can do is to stare at the food in front of them but they can"t eat it because the spoon is too long for them.

After 5 minutes, God said, “Let"s take a look at heaven now.”

John nodded without saying a word.

The God closed the hell"s door and open another door to heaven.

John saw the same thing. He saw a lot of people surrounding the dining table with an equal long spoon in each of their hands. The only difference was the expression of their faces.

John was curious and he asked God, “I don"t understand. It"s the same situation but why the people in the heaven are so happy while those in the hell are sad?”

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Then the God explained, “Don"t you see that the people in heaven have learned to feed each other with their long spoon while the people in the hell don"t.”

What do you learn from the story? What it has to do with the Law of Attraction? What it with me in the comment box. :) watch hidalgo in divx

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