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I hope you enjoy the past few posts on visualization and the story and video about Thomas A. Edison.

If you have not read them, here"re the links:

The Power Of Visualization

Thomas A. Edison Practiced the Law of Attraction

He Liked Watching Things

That was one of many examples about visualization from the past thinkers. How about the future?

Can you imagine the new inventions for the future? Let your imagination take the control.

It could be a coffee table that acts as a computer without a mouse, keyboard and those annoying wires.

Can you imagine a world where you can enlarge a picture or map to any size that you want without pushing a button or a single click from your mouse?

Can you imagine playing videos on your coffee table and able to enlarge it at the same time only with your fingers?

Can you imagine the world where you can transfer a picture from your camera to your cell phones or computers without a single wire and it doesn"t need you to push a single button?

If you are making money from the internet

from the comfort of your home, this may make your work more enjoyable and fun.

Now, take your helmet and put it on your head because the next thing I’m going to show you will blow your mind away. Are you ready now?

Watch this video and feel the power of visualization.

How"s it? That"s really really cool!

Everything is possible raising arizona online

download herbie rides again dvdrip .

What else can you imagine for the future. Share it with me in the comments column.

Speak soon.

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    • Rose

      Yeah Raymond,
      That"s really really cool! Thanks for sharing the video. Wonder what more do they have once they realeased it.
      I use to read comments about nano technology or is it the micro technology perhaps many more we didn’t know. Once it is realeased it’s not something new to them maybe more new technology are in practise among them now. This what they call the secret the never ending secret. By the way see how technology change our life. Everything is possible.
      For the future I imagine about travelling new high technology invention about transportation which may be we don’t need car or buses no more. Like space ship perhaps funny isn’t the impossible dream. He..he… hmm….. but who know.

    • raymond

      Hey Rose,

      We do have some nano technology stuffs in our computer. But I believe we will have more of these things in the future technology.

      If your prediction is right, then we will not have any any traffic jam in the future. :)

    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      In this area, I would prefer Apple to MS. Ipod has led personal digital entertainment for a long time and all other player are just catching up. Why? I believe those at Apple dare to imagine, dare to dream and dare to innovate.

      Look at the new iPhone or iPod touch, even I am dying to get my hands on one :P


    • raymond

      Hi James,

      How are you, I learned that you’re not feeling so well lately. UYMG fever? :) Just Kidding.

      I hope you’re back with all your energy.

      I do agree with you that Apple dare to dream. In fact I do love the Steve Jobs Commencement video from YouTube. :)

      It makes me laugh when he said that Microsoft stole his design of putting the text in a beautiful topography. :P

      Thank you for dropping by.

      I love comments from my readers.

    • zaki blogjer

      Looks like minority report movie scene to me where Tom Cruise move the crime picture/clip from one place to another. But this one is real. Awesome.

      Wondering, when they’ll commercialize this

    • raymond

      You have a huge imagination, Zaki. I’m not sure about the release date yet. :P

    • Pingback: Visualize A New Technology : Law Of Attraction

    • zaki blogjer

      If it can display the object in 3D, that would be awesome, such as star wars movie. Looks like I have too much nonsense visualisation :)

    • raymond

      That’s not nonsense, Zaki.

      Who knows, one day your imagination and visualization will make you millions. :)

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