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Welcome my friends to the Attracting Your Goals Blog. My mission is to help you to achieve your goals – and live with healthy, wealthy, happiness and abundance life.

We"ll have an ability to communicate through this blog- and I look forward to your feedback.

Here’s how I come across to the Law of Attraction:

25th of December 2006 was one of the most important turning point in my life. Somebody send me an email. It was just a short email with a few words in it and a link to a Google

cyclops dvdrip


In the email, he stated that this is a must-watch video and it will change my whole entire life. The first thing that came to my mind was, “Oh! this is just another crap trying to sell me something.”

I was lucky by that time because I was staying alone at home checking emails at the Christmas Night. Why being lonely at home at Christmas Night is consider lucky, you may ask?

The answer: Because the video really change my whole life and it makes me understand most of the thing I have been wondering all my life. The video sells me NOTHING but it gives me EVERYTHING I"ve always wanted in my life.

I know most of you have known what is the movie I mean by now as the movie has taken the world by storm, but just in case you are still wondering, I"ll tell you that the video is called “The Secret”. It is about the Law of Attraction.

I was literally blown away by the video. I watch it over and over again until today. Well, I need to admit that I have watched the video over 100 times at this point of writing. I can’t believe what"s in front of my eyes. I never knew that success in life could be so easy.

In my previous conservative opinion, success is always hard and it"s impossible for an ordinary people like me to achieve. Success is destined and can"t be change.

The video is not only telling me the EXACT opposite but also proof to me that it can be done easily. Yes, even a little kid can do the same to make their dream come true (e.g. want a new bike, PS3, toys, new computer crazy animal dvdrip download … etc).

Why I want to share the secret?

The answer is in the video, Abundance.

That is the reason why I created this website. I want to share the knowledge, power, wealth, health and happiness with you.

You may ask where you can watch the miraculous video.

Here"s the link to The Secret

stone of destiny divx

P.S. Please leave me a comment

and tell me what you think.

Let’s Attract our Goals,

Raymond Chua

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