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The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you are in control of your life. If you don"t, life controls you.

-Anthony Robbins

Few years back, a friend of mine told me a story of one of his friends. Let"s call his friend Mr. A. Back then, Mr. A was still a teenager. He came from a rich family and was born with a silver spoon.

He had all the best things in life. Later, when he reached his age, his parents bought a sport car for him. Money is never a problem to him. However, he got a not-so-good habit.

Once a while, he would go to some shops and shoplift something from the shops such as chocolates, snacks, sweets, and others.

Well, you see. He can buy it if he wants. He wasn"t driven by drugs. It is not a racial problem. He does not have any mental problem and he studied in one of the best schools in his town.

He did all these for one reason and one reason only. FUN! download meet wally sparks

In my inner circle, there"s a guy (Let"s call him Mr. B) who likes to help people out. Yes, he is knowledgeable and most of all he is willing to share his hard-earn knowledge with everybody without asking for any return.

If there"s something he does not know, he will go and search for the answer just to help people around him. He always put others before him. I can say that he is the first man people in the group will think of whenever they have any problem.

He does all this for only one reason. Pleasure!

Let"s study the 2 cases above

Mr. A stole from shop to shop because he associates that with pleasure. Life seems boring for him especially when he can get anything he wants without having to working hard or anticipate for it. There"s no excitement in his life. That is such a pain to him.

What he wants is not the things that he stole but the excitement. Excitement brings him a lot of pleasure.

In short, he associates stealing with pleasure and vice versa.

In the second case, Mr. B associates pleasure with seeing the happiness shining out from people"s eyes. He feels good when he sees people happy and appreciates his effort. He associates pain with seeing people in frustration and sadness.

In both cases above, Mr. A and Mr. B are driven by the SAME force, which is pain and pleasure. What makes the result different is how they associate the pain and pleasure in their life.

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