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I have shared about my dreams, how to remember our dreams and lucid dreaming.

Every dream brings us at least a message and sometimes, it comes in the form of symbolic. It is important for us to understand the message brought by our dreams because it could be the manifestation of our thought, warning or reminder.

So, today, I’m going to share something about dream analysis which I recently came across.

Dream of animals

When you dream of animals, it indicates that you are feeling unloved and are yearning for some care and love.

Dream of someone who is famous

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This dream tells you that you have some hidden dreams or ambitions or perhaps you have a secret desire to attain some fame and fortune.

Dream of meeting stranger

This doesn’t mean that you are going to meet someone. It signifies that you have a certain personality that is struggling to emerge. Perhaps you are not being yourself lately and you fake too much.

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It shows that you admire someone who could be your friends, lover or your hidden ambition to be successful.

The ability to decode the dreams may sometimes change your life.

It could be the work of the Law of Attraction too. Do you have tips to share too? Leave a comment!

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    • Alex

      Interesting interpretations.

      There could be more than one for some of those IMO.

    • raymond

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for commenting and the feedback.

      I appreciate that :)

    • Property Investors

      Dream is not for analysing, it\’s for enjoying the things which can not be possible in real life!!

      • raymond

        Hi Andrew,

        Thanks for sharing your perspective. :)

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