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This post is a continuation of the first post final inquiry the dvdrip . If you haven"t read the first post, click here.

… One day, they stumble upon an adverts in a local newspaper. It is an adverts about Anthony Robbins Seminar. They were overjoyed. You will have no idea how badly they want to attend the seminar. But …

But What?

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All they have was just about $150 and the seminar cost them thousands of dollars let alone the traveling and accommodation expenses.

Do you think they gave up? I wouldn"t be able to tell you this story if they gave up at the point of time. I was curious, I wonder how they can attend the seminar with only $150 in hand and they don"t have any credit card at the time.

Bob Proctor says, if you can see it in your mind, you"ll hold it in your hands. How true is that?

Here"s what actually happened.

They were leveraging on the power of the Law of Attraction without knowing it. All they did was to have faith. Not just an ordinary faith but a strong unshakable faith. When you have an unwavering faith, the way will be shown to you. Besides, they visualized their goals too.

One day, an idea struck their head. The greatest thing is not the idea itself but it"s them who actually put the idea into action.

They called the organizer and tried to negotiate for some installment plan. (Without credit card). After certain arrangement and consideration, finally, the organizer agreed to give them an installment payment plan.

No word in the world can describe the feeling of the happiness. Sure enough, they made it to the seminar. They tried to learn as much as possible from Anthony Robbins’ seminar and most important of all, took action and applied it all in every area of their lives.

“Anthony Robbins’ Seminar literally changed my life and of course my husband"s life too. Before that, we were shooting in the dark. We worked very hard but we go no where.

After the seminar, our future is crystal clear in front of my eyes. We are now clear of where we want to go and how to get there. My business jump off, my relationship improves, my life enhanced and everything looks perfect for now.

We are not going to stop here because we still have a 5 years plan and 10 years plan ahead.”

She even told me that she had a perfectly carved financial plan and financial goal for the next few years and thankfully, so far, they are still on track and moving parallel with their plan.

Now, their lives really changed, they have owned a house, cars and vacation. They run their own business today and do some option trading. Oh! Forgot to mention, they just got married and the bride have not even reached 30 yet.

The last time I met her with her husband was early this month (in a seminar also). I can always tell how happy they are by the sweet smiles that shine out from their lips.

All these happen and continue to happen because of ONE MASSIVE ACTION that they took few years ago.

Some of the lessons I have learnt from her story …

If you want success, find a great mentor.

Take action instead of envy of others who are more successful than you.

Open your mind and prepare to learn.

Poverty is never an obstacle to success.

Stay focus to your goal.

Finally, Anthony Robbins can change everyone"s life and not just mine. :D

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Good Luck!

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    • SK WONG

      Nice and Inspiring Story.

      Hey Raymond, each time I am Reading your posting, It’s remind me that I must keep focus and practice the Law of Attraction. I believe did it sparingly. I must Keep Focus, have faith and visualize.


    • raymond

      Hi SK Wong,

      Blogging everyday helps me to remind myself too. :)

      What goes around comes around. How true is that? ;)

      Thank you for dropping in.

    • RMPMAX

      Hi Raymond,

      It’s a great posting and inspirational…thank’s for putting the story here…it is a reminder for me to my story too, as my story is very similar to her that got me to where I am today as well…back 2 years ago, I was only working casual, and my husband was in between job. Then, a friend mentioned about Tony’s seminar, back then I didn’t know who Tony is and never listened to his audio programs or read his book. Our friend invited us to a free preview program of UPW. We attended, and we were impressed, really wanted to go, however it was very expensive I thought, so considering our situation at that time, we thought we could not go (again that is based on our limitation we put on ourselves/our limiting belief). However, something from that free preview stuck in my mind, if you know why you must go, the how will take care of it self, so in the end we took a big faith in using our saving to pay for the tickets, accomodation, and plane tickets. So, of we went…and to cut story short, life will never be the same again…:)

      Since then, we have done quite a lot of changes in our life, option trading, and Internet marketing is one of them.

      So, keep focus, take massive action and keep the momentum going…

    • raymond

      Hi RMPMAX,

      Thank you for sharing your story. I’ll share your comment with other readers and of course, a love link to your site.

      It’s great to know you. :)


      P.S. Perhaps you can write me a full story. Or maybe in point form. I can share it here. I’m sure that it will help to inspire others. :)

      Thanks again for sharing such a great story.

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for this inspiring story at last I got the follow up. It just rare to get instalment for Seminar they are very fortunate.
      Hope there be more inspiring story from your readers. Okay thanks again for the post.
      PS I knew RP are a great loving couple indeed envy them their successful story is also coz of the power of love they nuture that hard to come by amazing isn’t.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      They are applying the Law of Attraction without knowing it. They visualize and believe it with strong faith.

      So, I think they deserve this special chance. :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Yes, I agreed with you they deserve this special chance. I knew they didn’t know they are applying the LOA as stated in my previous post comments, I’ve said how beautifully the subconcious guide or lead them where they want to go what more with strong faith and belief. To me building up a relationship will take years of trust but can be destroy within 5 sec if ones start being disloyal. Hey, this not my saying I’ve read somewhere.
      Thanks from your latest comment I’m taking medicine at same time.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Get well soon. :)

    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      Great for them. That was thinking outside the box and not afraid of asking “How about this …”.


    • raymond

      Hi James,

      They were at the UYMG KL. :)

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