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Are you excited today! Who"s excited, say “I”

Great! I love your energy level.

Do I sound like Tony Robbins? Forgive me as I am watching his seminar over and over again for these past few days. I can"t wait to see him in less than 2 weeks.

Well, I did promise that you can attend his talk for absolutely no cost. Here it is:

Ok folks; rate your energy level by 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. What is your energy level now?

Do you notice Anthony Robbins’ energy level? Do you want him to pump up your energy level like this for one whole day? I do. download invisible circus the dvd

Well this video is just an appetizer. What are you watching just now is just the skin, the surface. That"s why it"s free.

Are you hungry for more? Click here religulous dvdrip download to get the meat?

Just in case you don"t know, Anthony Robbins’ seminar usually cost tens of thousands of dollars if not thousands.

Thank god that you can now get the ticket to his one-day seminar in Singapore with Stephen Pierce, the Business Optimizer and Allan Pease, the Body Language expert for less than S$1000 (depends on the type of ticket). That"s right. It"s in Singapore dollar and not USD.

Click here to register old school dvd

Sometimes I am thinking if you are attracting this great offer all this while. Perhaps you do (smile)

Let me know if you"ll be there. Perhaps we can meet up. This is a rare chance to meet and learn from these world class gurus.

I know this sounds like a sales pitch but I do really recommend you guys to attend this life changing event. I"m just too excited and if possible, I want to meet you all there.

I really feel sorry for you if, for whatever reason, you can"t make it there. Perhaps the Law of Attraction

beaches dvd download

can perform wonders for you.

Ok folks,

free edison

Speak soon.

Raymond Chua signature

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    • Sunny Rivers

      Hi Raymond,

      You have good reason to be excited! My first event with Tony was a 1 day sales seminar. I learned how to divide a market into buying categories, a technique I still use today.

      Several months later, I attended a huge “firewalk” with over 5,000 people in attendance.

      Because the crowd was so large, it took Tony 5 hours of using all his techniques to mentally and physically prepare the crowd to believe they were walking on cool moss. And prepare us, he did. Out of a crowd of 5000 men, women and children, less than 10 wound up with a blister on their feet.

      That was a life changing event for me. It was a pure physical demonstration of using the power of belief to transform life events. When you change what you believe, and put emotion and passion into the new belief, you can instantly change the results of external forces.

      That was 20 years ago. For weeks afterward, I was at peak performance because of all emotional anchors he put in place.

      Today, there is renewed focus on how we can change our life events – it is has been labeled the secret, and is called the law of attraction as your page talks about. It certainly isn"t new information. Tony was teaching methods to implement the law of attraction over 20 years ago. For people who can"t quite figure out how to get the law working naturally, a full day with Tony Robbins will literally flip the switches from “stuck” to “living with purpose.”

      If you have not seen Tony Robbins in action, this is a “must attend” event.

      Sunny Rivers

    • raymond

      Hi Sunny,

      Wow! This is the longest and the greatest comment I have ever received.

      I am grateful that you share your valuable and awesome experience with us.

      I think there is a need for me to share your comment with all my readers.

      Glad to know you :)

      Warmest regards,

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    • faisal malik

      I started applying this law of attraction in my life for a month and i cant beleive everything that has been happeneing. It took vey little while before the results actually started to show up.At first i thought that it could be a coincident but later on i observed that the changes that were coming into my way were all attracted by my mind power by repeating positive affirmations over and over again. A must watch is the movie ‘the secret’ which is already popular all over the globe

    • raymond

      Hi Faisal,

      I have had the same experience. The Secret has been one of my favorite movie.

      If you are one of my subscribers, you’ll know that I have watched it over 200 times and I gain new insights everytime I watch the movie.

    • Benjamin

      I think that “The Secret” had the positive effect of opening many people’s eyes to the existence of TLoA, which is great. I for one wasn’t aware of it until I saw the movie.

    • raymond

      Hi Benjamin,

      I was once living in the dark too until I found The Secret movie.

      It is absolutely fantastic!

      I’m grateful for the creator of the movie.

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