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Continue from the last post.

……“Have you ever experienced where you lost your eraser and you try to find it but you couldn"t get it no matter how hard you look for it?”

“Yes”, he replied.

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“Then you find it easily when you forget about it.”

“Right, it happens so many times”

“What ever you think will come true. You couldn"t find your eraser because you are thinking of losing it all the while. But when you stop thinking of the bad things which is “losing it”, it will just appear before you.

The same thing goes for your lesson. Whenever you think it"s hard. It will appear hard and the only way to change it from hard to easy is to change what you think.

Try to think ‘it is easy’ instead of ‘it is hard’ or ‘I don"t know how to do’. This is the powerful thing that separates you from other students. It makes you standout and special. If you listen and follow my advice, you will score 100. Do you want to score 100?”

Again he replies, “Yes, I want.”

“Why you can score 100 and while others can"t. The very simple reason is because I tell you this secret. Other students think ‘I can"t do. It is hard’ because they don"t have me to teach them this special secret. That"s why they don"t score 100. And you think ‘I can do, it"s easy’ because you have me to tell you this little known secret.

As long as you stick to this secret, you will not have any problem with your studies.”

After around half an hour of brain washing, I proceed with my lesson. To my surprise, this little boy can learn, memorize and do the exercise faster than ever in his best mood.

He can study all the spellings in less than 3 minutes (He used to complain that the spellings are hard and there is no way he can remember them all). eleventh hour the movie

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I manage to finish the exam topics in less than half an hour. I was amazed. I hide my feeling of surprise and tell him,

“Now, you believe what I have just said? What you think will become true to you. You said this is hard and tough because you think it is hard. But, when you change your thinking, it will become easy.”

He nods, agreeing with me.

I feel good myself believing that I have done my job well. I get the satisfaction I need. I am always hungry for satisfaction.

Now you know why I like teaching? It is just simply because I will transform into Anthony Robbins when I teach.

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    • zaki blogjer

      how true is you eraser part section!! I used to have this issue as well, but of course not eraser, but for different type of keys.

      When I’m not looking at it anymore, I’ll figure out where it was. Amazing

    • raymond

      I went to this student’s house on Friday. He spend plenty of time looking for his eraser. I assure him that he’ll find it.

      He was worried because he knows that his mum will scold him. I assure that the eraser will appear when he forgets about it.

      Fast forward.

      I went to his house again on Sunday afternoon (2 days later) and I found the eraser inside one of his books when I was about to begin my class. I relate this experience with LOA to him again.

      This is great because it proves to him that what I say is right. :)

    • shueqry

      well Raymond, looks like we are similar in certain way.

      I’m becoming Anthony Robbins when it comes to writing and becomes Ian Thorpe when it comes to swimming !

      What a wonderful world! :)

      You and me, connected. Thanks Raymond, thank God i’ve found you!

      - Shueqry -

    • shueqry


      i’ve typed ‘s’, so excited i am when finished reading this .. hehe

      - Shueqry -

    • raymond

      Oh Shueqry,

      Like attracts like, remember. :)

      I have attracted quite a number of like minded visitors and friends since I create this blog.

      You are one of them. :)

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