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Do you think that you are on the steering wheel of your success? If you are not, then let me give you a wake up call. You are not in the right attitude.

In the past 2 weeks, when I went back to visit my parents, I noticed there are a lot of people who spend their fortune on lottery.

After I studied their mindset, I realized that they are hoping that someday, their name will be picked by an angel and they win big in the lottery and their lives will never be the same again.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with playing the lottery (unless your religion forbid it or it is against your principle) but do you allow it to take over the control of your life?

From my observation, both rich people and poor people play lottery

too but they have at least a different mindset to it.

Rich people play the lottery to win (of course) but they do not rely on it because they still have some business as their primary source of income.

One of my friends’ (a businessman) favorite quote is, “If I win, I’ll be grateful and happy, If I lose, I’ll take it as give it to the charity”

Can you see that? Whether he strikes the lottery or not, he’ll still be happy (in a way) and most importantly, he doesn’t spend his fortune on the game. He just takes it as his leisure so that he would have something to chat with his friends about his winning or prediction.

On the other hand, most poor people (who are always broke) would give their lives to the game of the lottery. They spend most of their income on the lottery and it is their only hope to success.

Why? It’s simply because hoping is very much easier than work hard to achieve their goals. At the end of the day, when they do not get their desired result, they’ll say, “poor me.”

Pause ……………

The Law of Attraction billy mandy s big boogey adventure dvdrip

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is always working. When you keep on saying ‘poor me’, what the universe hears? “Poor”

When the universe keeps on receiving the word “poor” from you, what will it gives you?

Correct! POOR!

Poor people are playing the role of the victim all the time. They are not victim. It is just that they PLAY download being there free their role as a victim.

Why would they want to play the role as a victim?

People love to play the role of victim because they believe that they’ll get something out of it such as attention and empathy.

We’ll discuss more on this in the coming post.

Meanwhile, answer these questions. Are you playing the lottery? Which mindset do you have? Are you one of the victims? Chat back with me, my friend. I’m all “eyes”.

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    • Benjamin

      “People love to play the role of victim because they believe that they’ll get something out of it such as attention and empathy.”

      I have found that I play the victim.I am so unhappy with my situation, that if I dont bitch about it, I am afraid ppl think I want my life to be like this. Therefor I have decided that the more I complain about where I am in life, the more I show ppl that I am not content in life, the more ppl will believe me when I say I am trying.

      Also I believe that if I set the bar low, ppl will not expect so much of me, and this would give me the opportunity to get better. My doctor tells me I have mild depression.. but I believe I just have been burnt so many times I have decided to think “whats the use”.

      Unfortunately it seems the LOA is working for me, and obeying my command. I talk alot about what a poor, stressful and unhappy life I lead.. and therefor get more of it.

      Time to turn the boat around… anyone got some spear oars?

    • raymond

      Hi Benjamin,

      Thanks for sharing your life experience with us.

      The good thing is that now you know it and ready for the change. :)

      Change the words that come out from your tongue and you’ll change your life.

    • TripTheLady

      i’m guilty of playing the lottery ;) if i win i’d be happy and if i don’t i know i contributed to somebody’s education since here in georgia the lottery supports the HOPE scholarship fund! my daughter went to college using the HOPE fund and my son probably will too after he graduates.

      interesting post.

    • Dining Room Tables

      No Raymond, I do not play the lottery. I however agree that your observation about the players is absolutely correct. If anything, you have understated the problem. It is a big addiction to many poor people and what they go through every day is very sad and should not happen to anyone. They are however unable to stop because, it is an addiction.

      The people who play the victim are just looking for some attention and if you give it to them, you will find that the problem is not with whatever is the cause, but the person himself or herself not having done something the way it should have been done.

    • raymond

      Hi TripTheLady,

      I didn’t know what there are such thing in Georgia. Thanks for sharing the info. This is interesting

    • décor mirrors

      I’m so interested with the article. It amaze me upon reading it. I learned a lot of information. I will always visit your blog to read new exciting article. Thank and congratulations for the great job.

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