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Still remember the Famous Failure bucket list the dvd download

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video I posted a couple of day ago?

If you still remember, one of the phrases at the end of the video that caught my eyes was,

“If you’ve never fail, you’ve never lived”

We are who we are today because of the failure that we have encountered in the past.

You know how to walk today because you have fallen many times when we learned to walk. A person who does not want to learn to walk probably being held back by the fear will not be able to enjoy the excitement of walking.

We learn from our mistakes and without those mistakes, we will never improve. Failure makes is smarter. It makes is stronger and it makes is wiser.

Failure is just a word. It has no meaning. It is us who gave it the meaning. We can give the word a good meaning or otherwise.

Thomas Edison treated failure very much differently compare to other ordinary people. He treated failure as an opportunity to learn and improve. He gave the word failure a positive meaning.

I choose to give it a positive meaning. What about you?

I still remember the first month I learned about the Law of Attraction inland empire divx on the doll dvdrip download watch all together the in divx . I spent my day (whole day) visualizing my goals, staying positive and lifting up my desire and passion to my dream (instead of doing my work) only to find out that nothing happens at the end of the day.

Yeah, I failed. Not for one day, not for two days but for the entire month (or more)

However, I persistently asking myself this question

“What am I doing wrong?” and “how to get this right?”

To make the long story short …

Failure after failure, I finally come out with a conclusion. And that is …

I NEED TO TAKE ACTION! And not just visualizing about it.

Failure is not bad at all, after all. It serves me well throughout these years.

What about you? How failure treats you? Come on, share it!

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