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Are You A Mood Setters

September 8, 2007 | 2 Comments

Crew meeting

One of the pictures taken during the crew meeting, a day before the seminar.

We are glad to have Arthur (the guy who raises his hand), as the crew manager. He is an American-Italian guy but has been staying in Asia for 14 years. He taught us plenty of things which I am going to share with you folks in just a moment.

One of them is about mood setting. Arthur stress that this is not an ordinary seminar but an extremely high energy seminar. So, our first job as a crew is to set their mood to the highest energy level. hamlet divx online

Arthur showed us what he means by the so called high energy level by his action (Sorry, I can"t show you the action in writing).

We were told to apply the simple yet powerful technique early in the next morning during registration.

Did It Work?

You bet. In the next morning, when we were getting ready at the registration counter, I can see a huge variety of faces carrying different moods.

Some were very energetic and approach us with a broad smile while some were still half asleep.

Thanks to the method taught by Arthur. I kept my energy up to the fullest all the time and I manage to switch the mood of those who were still in the sleeping mode to energetic in snap of the fingers.

It works like magic! half broken things free

With a simple smile, high energy greeting and certain body language, I manage to energize them and claim back the friendly broad smiles.

Yes! We are the mood setters. We set their mood to the energy level that we want before the seminar began. That"s the role we played. The magic happens and continues to happen that I felt myself like a Harry Potter. I never get so excited for a long long time.

After the seminar free pistol whipped

After the seminar, I was thinking, “How on earth can I use this technique in my daily life?”

I decided to give it a try on the next day. I tried it on my niece and I manage to cheer her up in a split of a second. Then I tried it on some passers-by as I walk along the road by smiling and greet them. It returned a fantastic result even though I scared a kid away :P . I really feel sorry for him but hey, I"m still learning, you see.


My dear Gabriel

juno download

My dearest niece, Gabriella at his brother’s school, St. Andrew’s Junior School jackal the movie


Perhaps his parents have taught him not to speak to stranger. Then, it may not be my fault. :)

Law of Attraction

Again I have seen the element of the Law of Attraction in this simple action. We get what we give. If you more energy, give first. Then you will get more than what you give. The more you get, the more you give. And the more you give, even more you will get.

Now, can you see why they say that the universe is full of abundance?

So, next time, when you feel low, go out and give others some energy. Make them smile, cheer them up, make them happy and they will multiply and get back to you.

Enjoy your day!

Speak soon. :)

Raymond Chua signature

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    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      Thanks for sharing. Too bad we can’t see the magical action :) But I can imagine.

      We are all gigantic self recharging batteries, sort of, and we can drawing on it whenever we want to. Only question is do we want to and that is control by our mind. :P


    • raymond

      You are right, James.

      It is us, ourselves that determine whether we want to be energetic or otherwise. :)

      Too bad to learn that some don’t realize that. I hope they will find this blog and change their thought. :)

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