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Decoration with LightImage via WikipediaI was sitting on my porch one night and as I look up to the light, I saw there are a lot of bugs literally attracted to the light. It teased my curiosity that I went in the house and switch on a couple more lights, just to experiment with it.

The result? More bugs come along and in a few minutes, I can see a congregation of bugs surrounded the lights. Then I switch them off but one and the number of bugs reduced.

It’s an interesting observation. It got me thinking. More light means more electrical energy is being consume. That means, the more electrical energy we give out, the brighter the lights and the more attractive they are.

During the festive seasons, towns are lit up with lights and those lights actually attract more people to come out more often at night. Try to switch on a couple of sport light from your house. You’ll see people at your neighborhood coming out to see and talk about what’s happening.

Need more proof? Have you ever notice the big searchlights shining into the sky during the opening of a shopping mall, funfair, film premier or the launch of something.

Those lights attract a lot of attention. Think of the biggest light on earth. Right! The sun. There’ll be no life without sun. As the sun rises in the morning, trillions of living things wake up to greet the Mr. Sun. The sun attracts all the lives to it.

People go to school, go to work, go shopping, go for exercise and carry out their activities during the day time more often than at night. So, there’s no question that light has a very strong attractive force and the brighter the light, the stronger the force of attraction.

Now, back to you. Are you emitting lights in your daily life? Here’s why it’s important to you. The more “light” you give out, the more attractive you are. That’s what the Law of Attraction is all about.

I’m not asking you to carry a torch everywhere you go. A simple sweet and sincere smile from you can brighten the lives of people around you. Putting out positive thoughts and motivates your friends or colleagues who are down is also another way to shine your lights.

The amount of light you give out is directly proportional to the power of your attraction. If you want to attract big things, be a sportlight!

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    • Pierpaolo

      Nice look.I like it.Great contents

    • raymond

      Thanks Pierpaolo. :)

    • Mental Perception

      True observation about the bugs and lights.

      Mental Perception

    • dr hapizi

      there’s a famous quote-”where attention goes, energy will flow”

      by paying attention to something ‘positive’ like smiling, motivating people etc, we are ‘emitting light’ (energy) that will attract more positive energy.

      so be a bulb, not a bubble! :) cheers!

    • raymond

      Hi Dr Hapizi,

      “so be a bulb, not a bubble!”

      I like that. ;)

    • Dining Room Tables

      “It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness”. – Confucius.

      Great post that Raymond. Congratulations.

    • raymond

      What a profound quote. Thank you for shining your lights on this blog, Dining Room Tables. :)

    • Nassorn

      I believe in positive thinking. I believe in Law of Attraction. Practice in daily life make my life better each day.

      Thanks for sharing.

      P.S. I like your webblog.

    • raymond

      Thanks you, Nassorn. :)

    • Home Decor

      I really enjoyed reading your post. Thank you so much for the great share.

    • raymond

      You’re welcome, Home Decor.

    • iPod Touch

      Interesting look on things.


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