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Remote Influencing

I have received an interesting question from a subscriber lately. It sounds like this:

I would like to know if an individual wishes to re attract another into a relationship that has recently stopped, does the other person have to want the same, and do they have to be on the same level of vibration as the individual wanting to attract so that the relationship may rekindle? For example the individual wanting to attract may be happy daily ad keeping it going but mainly focusing on the person wanted, now the one wanted could of course be in any frame of mind? download down in the valley online

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My Answer:

First of all, I would like to clarify that I do not understand exactly what the question really is but I’ll try to comprehend and answer it anyway. :) (Sorry for my poor understanding to the question)

If you want to attract a person into your life, he or she does not necessarily have to feel the same or have the same level of vibration though having the same level of vibration may be a great help to accelerate the process of manifestation.

There’s a technique called as remote influencing. It is a technique where you can influence other to have a certain feeling towards you. This is usually done at night, when the person you are trying to attract is sleeping.

It is much easier to influence a person while he or she is asleep than when he or she is awake because their brain activity is low during that time.

When you have successfully influence them in the sleep, (Using the remote influencing technique), you’ll find that the person will appear to be friendlier to you. That person would feel that their sudden interest to you is their own idea.

Honestly, I’ll have to tell you that it doesn’t work for me every time but most of the times, it works.

This is a great example of using your mind power to attract a person to love you with their emotion. It has almost the same concept as the Law of Attraction but it needs a certain series of steps to follow.

If you are keen to learn about the Remote Influencing, you can get the ebook here unforgiven download free . It’s a series of ebooks teaching the various methods on how you can use and maximize your mind power.

These techniques are extremely powerful and make sure you use it with care and not to harm others.

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    • Daniel

      remote influencing sounds cool. wonder why somebody did not mention it to me before.

    • raymond

      Hi Daniel,

      Not many people know this stuffs except for those who study or have great interest in the subject of mind power.

      It’s quite dangerous if use wrongly a.k.a for the bad purpose.

    • Phil the Plumbing Course Expert

      My first time to hear about remote influencing. I’m quiet interesting to know more about this. And I think I need this to attract someone. lol

    • DVD Movie Guy

      This sounds a bit like astral plane projection? Would love to know a bit more about this, as I can think of quite a few people who could be friendlier toward me :)

    • raymond

      Hi DVD Movie Guy,

      It is like astral plane projection in a way.

      I wish you all the success. :)

    • fatima

      But how does it work?does the link you introduced provide proper ecourses on it?If not tell me where to find them

    • raymond

      Hi Fatima,

      You can get to the ebook by following this link

      Good luck to you!

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