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Yesterday, I promised to share some short videos (on EK playing his keyboard) with you.

Here they are:

Ballade Pour Adeline

Romance d’Armour

Fur Elise

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Yu Jian

EK asked for what he wanted. He visualized it and when he visualized it, he believe that he already have it. He lived in his dream. He has the faith that one day it will come true. He did not know how; he just know that he"s gonna do it.

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He sent out the thoughts to the universe with positive emotions. The universe has no choice but to respond to his thought. The universe gave him what he had always wanted. Again, he ask, believe and receive.

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Look, it"s been 20 years he has spent his life with music and he has never really attend a single piano or keyboard lesson.

So, my dear readers, if you have some music background and you think that you are able to give EK some constructive comments and opinions or ideas on how he can improve his skill, please share it in the comment column. He will get an email for every comment you post.

P.S. If you are inspired, please give him a 5 stars rating.

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    • Zul

      Just found this site and i must say it is full with interesting and new information for me. Keep it up!

    • raymond

      Thanks Zul for your positive encouragement. I’m glad you like it.

    • Roy

      Hey Raymond,

      I’m so excited that I have told Stephen about it, watch all your video twice, rate 5 stars on You-tube. And if he ever perfoms, let me know, I would want to meet your friend, Ek personally.

      He’s an amazing person. Totally inspire by him.
      Thanks for sharing Raymond!

      Roy Phay

    • raymond

      Wow! Roy. You told Stephen about it?
      I’m pleased to hear that. Thanks for spreading the words :)

    • EK

      Hi Roy,

      I heard a great deal about you from Raymond. Thanks for the rating and watch them TWICE!

      I couldn’t believe to receive such a great response from you guys. You are really nice.

      It’s still a long way for me to perform in the public. Just look at my right hand fingers while I’m playing. They’re wierd and “hard”.

      Raymond ask me not to focus on that. Thanks. I’ll try.

    • Liara Covert

      I have a friend who was a budding concert pianist. He was talented and excelled in competition. Yet, deep down, he felt it would be too hard to succeed financially and so he gave it up. He attended a professional school instead. Years from now, he will buy a piano for his home. He dreams of playing piano as passionately as before. I hope that oneday he will devote himself to music again.

    • raymond

      He really has a dream. May god bless him.

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