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EK is a very good friend of mine. He has always wanted to learn piano since he was 7 years old. Unfortunately, he did not have the opportunity to learn that.

However, his passion did not just die like that. He wanted to play piano so badly that sometimes he imagined himself playing a grand piano on the stage, in the open field and at the top of the hill where birds are singing on the tree.

All he can do was imagine what he really wanted in his mind. He felt good about that because he can control the whole event in his mind such as the number of audience, the loudness of the clap, the brightness of the light, the peace and quite of the surrounding and etc.

Few years after that, he managed to borrow a mini keyboard (operate on 4 x 1.5V batteries) from one of his relatives. He was so happy. He played it day and night even though he did not know how to play it. Nobody around him knew how to play piano. It was a trial and error self-made lesson.

He did not have the environment to encourage him to play piano. In fact, some even tried to discourage him from his dream. What he did was just ignore them. Instead of focusing on the negative comments and opinions, he focused on his dream.

The dream seems so real to him. After sticking on the old mini keyboard for 8 years he managed to buy a larger keyboard (which he uses till today) with his lifetime saving.

The new keyboard gave him a very large space for improvement; from playing with one hand to playing with 2 hands. The new keyboard enabled him to learn more songs.

Remember, he has nobody to teach him how to play up to this stage.

Then, how he learnt all these? download lionheart

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This is what he shared with me.

“I started by asking around some classmates who learn piano. I asked them to teach me how to read the transcript. Some of them are very helpful. They taught me how to match the notes with the key. Some even borrow me their song books.

As long as I know how to read the transcript, I can play any song I want by practice hard provided that I have the transcript. What I do is I memorize the whole transcript. Then I practice my fingers on the key. I can play up to 12 hours a day. That is when I learn new songs.

Till today, I still can"t figure out how and since when I get hooked to this (piano/keyboard). I don"t have the environment that loves musical instruments. Perhaps I get hooked to it from some TV shows. download quarantine dvd

I am not a pro player but at least I can play some songs to relax myself. I did not know how all these happen until I watched The Secret. I have attracted everything I wanted in my life without even know it. All this while, I thought it was a gift from god.

The Law of Attraction has worked for me in everyway. I have unconsciously attracted both good and bad things into my life. It is fantastic. Nothing is impossible…” high school musical 3 senior year dvd

I will show you a short video tomorrow

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so that you can see EK"s progress so far and hopefully all of us will be inspired by him.

Click here to watch his video

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    • Aldian Prakoso

      Hey Raymond,

      I can’t wait to see EK’s video tomorrow :)

      I also like your Blue Zinfandel theme. It’s so squeaky clean 3-column theme!

    • Raymond

      Hi Aldian,

      Glad to see you here.

      I’m sure you’ll like the videos.

      How do I know?

      Hehe… because I attract it :)

    • zaki blogjer

      All i can say is that, EK is very passionate with Piano. I used to heard before that environment will determine what you’re going to be, but in this case, that was proven totally wrong.

    • raymond

      Yes, it surprise me too. He is not from an artistic family. His father own a small business and his mother is a housewife. Both of them are uneducated.

      Both his parents don’t support and encourage his effort too. They just keep complaining, “SO NOISY”.

      Since his environment does not support and not resonate with his dream, he create his own virtual environment.

      Everything is created in our mind. We can literally create everything in our life.

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    • Aldian Prakoso

      I’m sure I will Raymond :)

    • Zul

      Such an interesting and amazing story. Thanks for the sharing..

    • Tanady

      Wah.. Awesome!

      I can’t play piano.. and I heard that those who can play piano is smarter than those who can’t. Is that true?

      If so, I’ll try attract it also ah… wakaka3x.. (smile).. :p


    • raymond

      Welcome Zul, Glad to see you here. I hope you will benefit from this blog. See you here again.

    • EK

      Hi Tanady, EK here.

      I never heard of that. Some people who don’t play piano are even smarter than me.

      Anyway, I hope you are right. :)

    • Tanady

      Haha… EK..

      They might or might not be smarter than you.. there might be only because they start earlier than you do.. not smarter.. Always compare orange with orange.. hoho3x.. :p


    • zaki blogjer

      Sorry Raymond, I’m spamming your comment.. EK, can you please play any song here.. :)

    • zaki blogjer

      sorry, I’m not aware that there is a post next to this

    • Roy

      Hey Raymond,

      Thanks for your great story too. It’s really amazing to know that his strong and core desire of just learning on how to play piano could get him so far.

      Amazingly great story, this story make my day!

      Roy Phay

    • raymond

      Hi Roy, thanks for dropping by. I’m glad that you like this post. EK inspired me too. I learnt a lot from him.

    • EK

      Hi Tanady,
      Thanks for the encouragement. I like the “orange” metaphore.

    • EK

      Hi Roy,
      I’m so touch by your comment.

    • Roy

      Hey EK,

      Great to meet you! You totally inspired me, man! Totally love your story. Like I told Raymond, if you are performing one day, let me know, I would love to see you and listen to your great music.

      Roy Phay

    • EK

      Hi Roy,

      You give me a huge support. I’ll attract that.
      Thanks. Seems like I started to have fans :)

      Raymond should have posted my story earlier. :P

    • Tanady

      Wah.. so crowded here arr.. cool cool… not very soon but now u’ll be famous lol EK.. wakakaka3x.. ^_^


    • James Soh

      Really Inspiring Story. It all goes to show that it’s the person who makes things happen. If you have a dream and you pursue it with passion no matter what happens, you will make it one day.

      Well done, EK! Thanks for sharing Raymond :)


    • raymond

      Glad to see you here, James. EK is the living proof to show us that nothing is impossible and unachievable.

      Thanks for dropping by.

    • EK

      Hi Tanady,
      You are right. I am already famous now. Raymond just told me that this post has the most comments out of all the blog posts in this blog. :)

    • Kulwinder

      Hi Raymond,
      Very inspiring story. It touched my heart. Thanks for sharing.


    • raymond

      Hey Kulwinder,

      Thanks for coming.

      EK touched my heart too. Not with his hand(s) but with his determination. I hope that inspire you too.

      By the way, how’s Pardeep?

    • kevin low

      It is not easy to keep your passion ALIVE over many years. If i wee you, i guess i already give up long long time ago lor…
      You are really an extraordinary people.

      P/S: By the way, do you have vocal that can sing while you play piano?

    • EK

      Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for your encouragement. It was really not easy. But, it was not hard either. Why?

      Because nobody told me that it’s hard. They (family, relatives and friends) just ignore me and once a while complaining that I was making so much noise.

      So. I’m lucky that nobody was telling me that it’s hard.

      Err… I’m afraid I can’t sing. My voice is terrible. It used to be ok. But lacking of the environment and practise has sunk the skill down to the ground. :)

    • Kevin Low

      I know how to play guitar and i consider and my level is just about 4/10. Same as you, i cant well as i always sing out of the key. :)

      Now can you listen to the song for few times and play by ear? which key to play? If you know about this, i wish to learn from you how to master my listening to music and i can play well on guitar.

      Kevin Low

    • EK

      Hi Kevin,

      Wow! I like guitar too but I don’t know how to play. I don’t even know how to hold it properly.

      Yes Kevin, I can play by ear but with one hand only (treble part). I have no idea how to play the bass part unless with the transcript. I am curious how people learn that.

      I don’t know how I master that (play by ear). All I know it started from trial and error then can slowly catch the patterns of the notes just by listening to it.

      The funny thing about self-learning is we don’t know how we learn it or when we begin to understand it or how to teach people. All we know is, all of the sudden, we realize that we already know it. :)


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    • Kerri in Brisbane

      Love the You Tube videos, they gave me goosebumps when I read the story too.

    • raymond

      Hi Kerri,

      Love to see you here. I’m glad that you like the video. :)

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    • seslieses

      All i can say is that, EK is very passionate with Piano. I used to heard before that environment will determine what you’re going to be, but in this case, that was proven totally wrong. . .

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