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We lock our cars, houses, bicycles, safes, shops, bikes and drawers. Why do we want to lock them? Obviously, we want to prevent burglars and thieves from entering our premises or steal our belonging. Don"t worry; you won"t attract thieves and burglars by locking them up.

How do we attract burglars?

I don"t think anyone of us wants to attract

burglars and thieves intentionally and yet there are still so many burglaries everywhere in the world (except in the jungle and dessert). We must have unconsciously attracted them.

Here"s a real-life example:

Jane (not a real name) has locked her house before she went out to for her friend"s wedding anniversary. On her way, something struck her mind. It is like her brain asking her, “Have you lock your house before you leave?”

She was not sure herself and she was already 20 km away from her house. If she turns back, she"ll be late and this is her best friend"s wedding anniversary. This event is extremely important to her. She just can"t afford to be late.

Finally, she chose to continue with her journey. There"s nothing she can do but to worry about it. A lot of questions and negative statements pop out of her mind.

“What if I really forgot to lock my house?”
“The burglars will take all my valuable things away.”
“My house will be in a mess.”
“What should I do then?”
“But I can not turn back now.”
“I have promised to be the emcee for the ceremony.”
“Paula will be mad at me if I don"t turn up.”

She felt the fear and the sadness in her heart. She was worrying about the burglar. Her emotion was so intense. She was afraid. She visualized that when she reaches home, the door is left opened; the floor is in the mess with magazines, clothes, newspapers and drawers. When she opens the jewellery box, it would be empty. The money in the drawer would be gone.

She visualized download court jester the dvdrip everything in detail. In another words, she can see the whole scene in her mind. She can feel the entire incident in her heart.

Her heart felt uneasy and stressful

during the whole event (wedding anniversary). When she reach home, her wish came true

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. The chain of the gate has been cut off, the door left opened, everything was in the mess and her jewellery and money was stolen.

continue …

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    • Liara Covert

      Just goes to show the nature of your mindset certainly can affect the evolution of your life. Since we can each choose to think positively or negatively, it makes sense to learn mind control.

    • Raymond

      If we can master the mind control, the impossible will fade away.

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