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Attracted to Each Other

September 7, 2007 | 4 Comments

Yesterday morning, my very first activity was to go for my mastermind meeting with some fine people within my inner circle. We were basically doing some soul searching, identify goals, marketing strategies, success sharing and planning for the venue and time for the next meeting.

After the meeting, we went for a lunch together at the nearby restaurant. When, we"re almost done with our lunch, One of my mastermind friends, Shafir, received a call from our member from Australia, Sue a.k.a. Phoenix.

She comes to Singapore to attend Anthony Robbins’ Seminar with her two lovely, beautiful daughters. She asked if we can meet up with her. Well, this is a good idea because actually, we have planned to meet in the seminar but we couldn"t see each other because there are over 5000 attendees in the hall and we didn"t have each other numbers.

I couldn"t believe that we were able to meet, 2 days after the seminar. This was really really cool. designing woman download

After we have fixed a place and time to meet, we quickly went to Orchard Road (by bus) to meet Sue and her 2 daughters, Allanna and Madison (Picture below). They are brilliant. They have actually given me some cool business ideas.

We had a long chat in one of the restaurants.

We brainstormed, exchanged ideas to improve our business, and see if there were any joint venture opportunities between us.

Everything goes well and we have learned a lot of things from each others including the topic of personal development.

Sue is a woman with big heart. She found that there are quite a lot of teenage suicidal cases in Australia. Thus, she created a blog called Easy Motivational Strategies with the hope that it will help to educate the young generation and reduce or even better, eliminate the teenage suicidal cases in the world.

Raymond, Madison, Allanna, Sue and Shafir

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From left: Raymond (me) ,Madison, Allanna, Sue and Shafir

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Do you think the Law of Attraction really work? Sometimes it may take more time for the universe to manifest your goal last starfighter the divx movie online . All we need is patience and a lot of unshakable faith. Believe it"s true and it will come to you.

I"d love to hear what you think.

Speak soon.

Raymond Chua signature

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    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      You just reminded me. We both stay in Singapore but we never meet? Maybe we should meet up sometime :)


    • raymond

      You’re right.

      I just thought of it.

      I suspect that we do have a certain weak signal of telepathy. :)

      We always think of the same thing. What do you think? :P

    • smartzul

      Oh Shafir, miss u so much. Haha… :D

      I hope I can go to Singapore again in the next time.

      Good luck for you Raymond. :)

    • raymond

      Oh SmartZul,

      Sure you can if you attract it.

      Good luck to your new project too.

      Oh, by the way, thank you for recommending me the PC secret Formula. I have got back my investment (plus some earning) in no time. :)

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