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Here’s an interesting email I received from a very young reader of this blog (unedited version)

i have seen the movie

and to tell u the truth i have bought ps3 by the law of attraction

last year when sony released ps3 i realy wonder that i want ps3 and i do not have that much money

i told my father that i want ps3 but he get angry and told me that boy in my age shouldn’t? play games

at that time i thought that i would never have ps3 after while ii spring i watched the movie on tv and i just try to imagine that i have ps3 and i also imagine that i would buy it in summer

ofcourse u know what happened next my father buy me a ps3 in the middle of summer and that was unblievable for me

sepehr from iran

Sepehr is a 20-year-old Civil Engineering student who studies in Isfahan University of Technology.

As you can see, the Law of Attraction works in every area of our lives and not only about getting rich. It’s like an Aladdin’s magic lamp. Clarify what you want and you’ll get it.

Are you inspired? If you have any successful stories related to the Law of Attraction

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, feel free to share it with me.

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    • Attraction Guy

      That’s really cool. These are the recent successes I attracted too:

      1. Recover from dengue fever within a week(most people take a month to recover from that deadly disease).

      2. I got a quantum leap membership from T. Harv Eker for free.

      3. I created a potential partnership with a local blogger who I always wanted to.

      Law of attraction works! It’s happening out of a sudden to me and I feel that I’m so X 100 lucky.

      Thanks for sharing this success with us Raymond. And thanks to your reader for sharing and inspiring as well.


    • Steve

      Wow..are you saying that I can get myself a nice new PS3 by using this system??

    • raymond

      Hi Steve,

      The answer is yes!

      But not only limited to PS3. You can literally attract anything you want in your life.

      Watch this video for better understanding to the Law of Attraction.

      Then subscribe to my list. There’s lots of information you need to know. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Attraction Guy,

      You are fantastic.

      You get the Quantum Leap for FREE?

      How did you do that?

      Mind to share it with me?

      It gotta be fantastic!

    • Mong Ling

      Hi Raymond,

      I fully agree that Law of Attraction works. I start to experience some results now even tho it’s still at early stage. Yesterday I realise that lately I always meet people who are very friendly and helpful. Then it hit me that it’s because I have been visualising this as part of my visualisation practice. Law of Attraction really works in every areas of our lives.

      Wow Attraction Guy, you are superb! You actually attracted Quantum Leap for free! I too am curious how you did it? :)

    • raymond

      Hi Mong Ling,

      Congratulation for your success. Every success worths to celebrate.

      When I told my friends how wonderful they are and that I attracted them into my life, they told me that we are attracting each other.



    • Top Rated

      So many people have a hard time believing this works. I think, it’s really about believing in yourself, and putting yourself in a position where the things you want have the opportunity to come to you. You simply have to be receptive.

    • raymond

      Hi Top Rated,

      That sounds simple and it is that simple. :)

      Be an excellent receiver!

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