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Being happy is extremely important especially if you want to use the power of the Law of Attraction

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to make your wish come true.

Happiness is an emotion. It is an individualistic view. Happiness means different thing to different people. Besides, the ways we gain happiness are also different. Happiness is often synonymous with feeling good, joy, delight, love, well-being, safety and good health.

Happiness is a very subjective emotion. We feel happy when we are contented. We feel happy when we associate ourselves with our subject of interest. A sports lover may find it interesting to take part in sports discussion which discusses about equipments, teams, scores, techniques … etc. That is where they can find their happiness.

On the other hand, an art lover may find their happiness by staring and enjoying a piece of art. They may not be interested in sports discussion.

Happiness lies within us. We do not have to find it. We just need to find our own way to bring it out. One of the ways to find our happiness is by involving in the activities we excel.

Happiness is meant to share. The more we share the happiness, the more happiness we get in return. You don’t want to sit on the beach enjoying the sunset alone. You need somebody to sit together beside you so that you can say, “Look, isn’t that beautiful”. That is what I mean by getting more happiness by sharing it.

We attract what we think. If we are feeling happy, we send out happy thought. When the universe receives your happy thought, it will respond by giving more happiness to you because you attract it.

Click here to be happy.

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