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A Black cat
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I have an interesting story to share with you today.

There was a witch who lived in a black house in a forest. It was dark all over the house. The house looked dark from outside and inside. The kitchen, toilet, dining room, chairs, table and everything else were black in colour.

The witch has a black cat which she loved dearly. Things were always good except when the witch was sleepy, she’ll accidentally kick or step on her cat.

One day, the witch felt sleepy, accidentally stepped on her cat and fell down from stairs. She felt angry and quickly turn the cat green with her magic stick. Now. the witch can see the green cat easily at any corner of the house.

On the next day, the green cat ran to a field outside the house. Here’s where the problem comes. It’s quite hard to find a green cat in the green grass.

Then the witch turn the cat into a colourful cat. A cat with red head, yellow body, pink tail and purple legs. She’s satisfied with her new “decoration” because she can find her cat no matter where it is now.

However, the cat hated it very much. When it was turned green, it tried to run away from the house. Now, with a colourful body, it looks even worse and the birds on the tree couldn’t help but to laugh at the silly cat.

To express its dissatisfaction, the colourful cat hid itself in a hole and not even want to come out for any meal. The witch was worried and turn it back into a black cat as it was and made the house looked colourful.

The moral of the story, it’s much easier to change ourselves than to change others.

Many people I met recently care complaining about their financial status. Most people want to earn more, retire early but do nothing other than complaining.

There’s no use to complain about your boss not raising your salary so that you can go for a better vacation or government for not take enough care of you or the hiking price of oil and stuffs.

The better way would be change your job, change your spending habit or start investing.

Investing is my all time favorite because it gives me the opportunity to leverage my cash. Talking about investing, I have a couple of opportunities which recently came to me and I think I should share it here.

If you have spare cash and looking for long term investment vehicle, I’d recommend you to invest in silver and gold. Silver is precious metal and also widely used in industries. Its supply is far less than gold. If you are interested to learn more about why silver is a good investment, you can get more information here.

Where To Buy Silver?

One main problem with investing in Silver is, it’s hard to get the supply of silver in some countries, especially in Asia. After doing some research, I found a trusted friend who can help to broker silver deals for me. So, if you are interested to invest in silver but having a hard time to get the supply, Contact me and I can help you to broker the deal.

Second Opportunity

The second opportunity is a private equity deal recommended by a friend of mine. Basically, it’s about investing in a new company which will be listed in a few years time. It’s a technology company and the management team has a great track record. This is a good opportunity to double your money in a year time. I have no relation to this deal but if you are interested, I can connect you with a friend of mine who’s brokering the deal. (You can contact me here)

If you have been attracting wealth with the Law of Attraction lately and have some spare cash in hand, you have landed yourself on the right web page today. I truly hope that these 2 opportunities can help to change your life.

Keep on attracting the best and don’t forget to leave your comment in the comment box below.

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    • Komodo Dragons

      It’s great to see a new post on here, been waiting for one :) Great story, was wondering where it was going, but in the end it wrapped up very nicely :)

      • raymond

        Hi Komodo,

        Thanks for the anticipation. I hope I don’t disappoint you.

    • Cheryl from aspiringfempreneur

      I love that cat story! We waste so much time trying to get other people to change. The only person we have control over is ourselves. Excellent reminder :D

      • raymond

        Hi Cheryl,

        It serves as a great reminder to me as well. :)

    • Benjamin

      But we always try to turn the cat another color… don’t we?

      Even after we’ve seen that we aren’t satisfied with our attempts to change other people and the external world… many of us still refuse to recognize that transformation of self is the only real lasting or satisfying change.

      keep smiling,


      • raymond

        Hi Benjamin,

        I’m not sure about others but I do from time to time. After learning that it’s against the Law of Love, I greatly reduce the frequency of changing the color of the cat. :)

    • Beat Schindler

      Raymond, I love your cat story, which I hadn’t heard before. As you say, it’s easier to change ourselves than to change others. However, it is still difficult! In fact, I get the impression that for many, without help, it’s too difficult. A good thing more and more help is available. I also share your view that lack of money is never the problem, but always the symptom of a problem. That said, I hesitate to tweet, etc, your post, because “double your money” promises go against my grain (when no work is involved and it’s a free ride). Please do not get me wrong. I do not question your good intentions and integrity. It’s a personal thing, likely influenced by my insider views from having worked as a financial professional throughout my life (until recently).

      • raymond

        Hi Beat,

        We have the same point of view about the problem VS symptom thing. I can’t agree more.

        Perhaps I should use the phrase leverage on your money instead of double your money. It sounds less spammy and real. :)

    • Andrew @ Blogging Guide

      The slogan ‘The moral of the story, it’s much easier to change ourselves than to change others’ really sums up the story really well.

      And I wasn’t expecting it.

      But it’s true, isn’t it? We spend a lot of our time trying to change others and in most cases it is us who need to change.

      I know I can get angry or stressful in certain situations with other people. That’s my issue, not theirs. How I am effected is down to me.

      Great story.


      • raymond

        Hey Andrew,

        You’ve got it! You’ve got it!

        When you get angry, that’s really your issue and it has little or no effect to others.

    • Tyrone

      Hi Raymond,

      Great story. This cat’s story is inspiring and at the same time touching for us to look at ourselves first before looking onto the weaknesses of others. At the same time, change will only be the best way for us to do to be able to live a happier and wealthier life.



      • raymond

        Hi Tyrone,

        Thanks. The only thing that is consistent is change.

    • Corinne Edwards

      Dear Raymond -

      I am reminded of a (unexact) quote from the famous priest, Anthony DeMello.

      Trying to change someone else is like teaching a pig to sing.
      It doesn’t work and severly irritates the pig.

      • raymond

        Hi Corrine,

        Thanks for sharing that quote.

        I have never heard of it before. It makes a lot of senses and funny at the same time. Thanks again! :)

    • Debbie @ Happy Maker

      Love the story Raymond. You make a great point with it. When it comes to money I have found through experience, if you think you don’t have it you won’t have it.

      As they say, “You are what you think you are.”
      Silver and gold are a good investment as long as you have patiences with it.
      Thanks again and have a great day.

      • raymond

        Hi Debbie,

        You’re right. It needs lots of patience to see the value of gold and silver rise slowly but surely.

    • David Rogers

      I agree, trying to change yourself is easier than trying to change others. However, most people still find it difficult to change themselves!

      • raymond

        Hi David,

        That’s where the problem comes. Knowing what the problem is but not solving it is equivalent to not knowing what the problem is.

    • Joel

      Changing ourselves is often much harder to o though, it’s easier to think others are the problem and make them change to you. Thanks for the thoughts to ponder Raymond.

      • raymond

        Hi Joel,

        That’s called the need to be right. :)

    • Jen @ blog writer

      This is a superb post – I enjoyed the story and the lesson in it very much. Sometimes we are all guilty of complaining instead of taking action, and remembering to put your request out to the universe to attract what you need is a great way to keep grounded and positive. Jen

      • raymond

        Hi Jen,

        Thank you.

        Instead of complaining about a problem. It’s far better to put some effort to solve it.

    • watch season

      Great story! You are right about people not doing anything. I think most of us wanted to become a millionaire at one point of our lives but ho many people actually sat down and thought of some plan how they would become one?

      • raymond

        Hi watch season,

        You’re right. No action, no results.

    • Eat Smart Age Smart

      Great post Raymond!

      I’m also quite partial to investing and this is really a great way to attrack more money into our lives.


      • raymond

        Hi Krizia,

        Thank you.

        Investing your money is indeed a great way to grow it and protect it from inflation.

    • Michelle Vandepas

      Loved the story as well Raymond.. We can’t change others, but I also noticed it from the cat’s perspective. When something happens TO YOU. be proactive, we may create our own reality, but we don’t always understand how or why. So, when someone else changes YOU, then you have to adapt.. and NOT go hide in a hole.. A flower garden would have worked for the cat and how cool would THAT have been!

      • raymond

        Hi Michelle,

        Thank you for sharing your perspective. It’s something for me to ponder about. Nice!

    • Komodo Dragons

      Raymond, you never disappoint, no to worry! :)

    • Amy LeForge

      But it’s sooo much easier to change the cat!! Or…maybe not. :) This is a good reminder to take a peek in the mirror if I’m having trouble with someone.

      • raymond

        Hi Amy,

        It depends on what sort of change. Internal changes or external changes. :)

    • Jaymin B S

      Thanks a lot sir…Your article is Awesome..!!!
      I use law of attraction in daily.
      I am stock broker in india..

      • raymond

        Hi Jaymin,

        I’m sure the LOA has greatly improved your life.

    • Abhineet Shukla

      It is a fact that if you have patience then surely you will see yourself in between golds. I mean to say you wil be rich. Being rich is not only that you have lots of money. If you are a person with morals you are rich too. And what I think is that you are more successfull with having rich moral values.
      Thanks, its my perspective.

      • raymond

        Hi Abhineet,

        You’re about that. I call it total wealth which means the wealth in every area of our lives.

    • sell used textbooks

      Great to see you around again! I have always invested in the market and have wanted to try other avenues as of late. I was thinking of gold but maybe I will look into the silver after reading your post.

      • raymond

        Hi Paul,

        Thanks for your deep interest.

        Let me know when you want to get some gold and silver supply. I can give you great prices. :)

    • Laptop Briefcases

      Amusing story about the black cat. It is a big waste of time to constantly complain about your current circumstances. Instead you can use that energy to take action and improve those things yourself.

    • Escort Service London

      The story really depicts the whole lessons for everyone that we must change our own bad image and character first.

    • Bidet

      Thats a great story and the moral is very powerful. Its so true people like changing others and don’t change themselves, they find it easier to analyze others but can’t analyze yourself. Before you can change others one must change himself first.

      • raymond

        Hi Bidet,

        That’s true. It’s much easier to change ourselves than others.

    • Seo Trends and Solutions

      The story speaks very clear. Its better to clean ourself first before pointing any fingers towards others. Self improvement is best. If you can be good others will be good for you.

    • Search House

      Hi Raymond,
      I’ve read your post and liked it very much. I’ve been so affected from story. Your advice where story ends is very beneficial. Thank you too much.

      • raymond

        Thanks Search House.

    • smart meters

      I always tried to change others as i did believe they are not good at things but from this story, there is a sudden change in my mind and its so true. If you want to change than change yourself, the things will imprpve automatically and thats the best moral from this story i have got here.

    • michael hunter

      I agree . It’s much easier to change ourselves than others

    • Billee Brady

      Hey Raymond,

      A great message you have in your post today! I also enjoyed the story side of it as well! Very well done…

      But I think there must be some kind of flaw in the human gene that love to just pass the buck and take the easy way out….

      We must make the most of our life’s! If you have the extra cash to invest… check out the links that Raymond showed you in this post, find a network marketing company or start a business of your own… What ever it is just align yourself with your passion and you will be sure to prosper both financially and personally….

      Great blog post Raymond!!!

      Make it a great day!
      Billee Brady

      • raymond

        Thank you so much for your support, Billee

    • Komodo Dragons

      It’s a great point that many of us tend to forget in our pursuit of our goals. Sometimes we just have to look in the mirror and ask what we can do different instead of complaining about the circumstances.

    • law of attraction

      Thanks for this article, it enlightened my mind. It helps a lot on me.:-)

    • Attracting Wealth

      I think attracting wealth with the law of attraction is all about having the right kind of mindset.If you’re worrying about your financial status then you’re not open to attracting good things into your life.Just by thinking that you’re already rich will open doors to wealth creation.

    • sell used textbooks

      Raymond nice article… Most people get stuck on repay the same old stuff and sometimes they aren’t even aware they are doing it. So if they are stuck on complaining most don’t know how to get back into the swing of the law of attraction. It’s all about taking responsibility for ourselves. So if we want to attract wealth we need to take action with our thoughts, words and deeds.

    • Wisdom

      You make a lot of sense. We must change ourselves. We will attract positivness,if we be positive with our actions. Wisdom will helps us do just that.

    • Justin

      I really like your article :) there has to be a change of mentality and I’ll try! ;) thanks

      • raymond

        You’re welcome, Justin. :)

    • blackbox trading

      It appears that bodily attraction play some role in initial stage of love which we call romantic love. However when their love turns into mature love, when partners accept each other for what they are in “reality” does bodily attraction still play any important role? I am unmarried but curious to know from others experiences.

    • ayah corda

      Law of Attraction helps me live life to the fullest.

    • Beds

      Sometimes we just have to look in the mirror and ask what we can do different instead of complaining about the circumstances.

    • zygot

      This is very impressing article. Nice post.

    • colocation

      It is amazing how much time people spend expecting others to who they are not. You shouldn’t try and change anyone it is up to them to change

    • Beds

      Every One ( i guess ) know ” The Secret ” book . does ” attrection law ” really work ??!?

      • raymond

        Hi Beds,

        Of course it does. :)

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