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Yesterday, I was in one of a McDonald"s outlets in Singapore with a good friend of mine, Rachel. Our purpose was to get an internet connection and to charge the batteries of our laptops at the McDonald. thick as thieves dvdrip

When we got into the outlet, we felt a little bit disappointed. All the tables with power source have been occupied. Everybody seems to stay there for a long time. There was only one thing we could do.

Put on Our Law of Attraction"s Hat and began to attract what we want. We want a table with power supply so that we can charge our laptops.

We began to visualize. We pictured exactly what we want. Within 5 minutes, a lady get up, unplugged her cable, packed her bag and left. YES! We have asked and believed.

Now it"s time to receive. I quickly rushed there and plug my cable. Fantastic! Another dream comes true. We were so excited! Immediately, we tried to log in to the internet. BOOM! Another set of problem rose.

There ware signals but no connection. After we asked around, only we found out that we have to register for the internet connection. Oh man, I thought we can just plug and surf. No choice. We went through all the registration “rituals” and wait for the password to be sent to our hand phones.

After we have waited for about an hour, nothing happened. No SMS coming in means no password. No password means no internet connection. Hmm… that’s not good enough.

Later on, we found out that we can only get the password by using local phone number. it was like, Gosh! That was closed. Now, we have to attract the internet connection.

We sat there to visualize and attract the internet connection (with a secret tool). We knew exactly what we need. We need a local cell phone number to get the password.

After a short while, 2 girls come and sat just right in front of us. We know it is kinda crazy to approach and ask for a phone number from a stranger but we really have to. Fortunate enough they were willing to give us their phone number and we perform the registration “ritual” again. You know, I was attracted all these events into my life. :)

I felt so grateful to them for allowing us to use their hand phone number for the registration and to receive the SMS. Within a minute, YES! There it is.

We"ve got the password to unlock the heaven"s gate. We spent the whole afternoon surfing the internet happily and of course, we did not forget to feel grateful for the free internet connection and the help we have got from the two kind ladies.

Lesson I have learnt that day:

1. Always focus on the END result.

2. We don"t have to know how we are going to get it. We just need to know that we want it BADLY!

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3. escape to witch mountain free download torn curtain divx Persistent pays.

Internet connection means a lot to me. That"s why I always feel grateful whenever I have an access to fast speed internet connection just to ensure that I"ll never short of it in the future. I attract it!

Any miracle happens in your life so far? Feel free to share it with us in the comment column.

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    • zaki blogjer

      Does the ‘focus to be end result’ mindset need some training and techniques before I can apply it? How to apply on IT since end result sometimes is unpredictable.

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,
      The end result comes from the end of your mind.

      You focus on what you want first; then only you make it happen.

      If you focus on the end results consistently, you will attract the way to reach them.

      I made a mistake. I attract the power supply first. Then only I come to realize that the end result I desire is “to be able to surf the internet for the whole afternoon.”

      If I focus straight on the end result, things may be better.

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