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Wow! I never thought that so many of my blog readers and subscribers grabbed their own copy of Attraction Accelerator. A big thank you from me.

I can"t wait to hear your success stories. I have got back my little investment for Attraction Accelerator within 2 weeks after the purchase.

Meantime, I received quite a lot of emails yesterday. While some has already plugged the earphones to their ears and begin to visualize their goals in the brand new modern way, some still lost in the wind of change.

Most of the emails bombarded me with the questions like:

What is the Attraction Accelerator?

Is it a motivational talk?

I don"t understand certain English accent. Which country is the speaker from?

OK. Sounds great! It"s my bad. I"m sorry for not telling you the whole thing. It is in Stephen"s website but perhaps you missed that. (Or never been there)

Let me make things clear here.

Attraction Accelerator is NOT

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a motivational talk. Nobody is talking in the audio CD. They are music developed by a group of scientists. When you play the Attraction Accelerator, you will hear some dreamy music with specially design beats in the background. fire down below dvdrip

Those beats are scientifically proven to train your brain to go into the ideal mental state for focused visualization.

Attraction Accelerator package is consists of 2 audio files which are Attraction Accelerator and Attraction Activator and a Visual Velocity report (in .pdf format) as a guide to help you in your visualization.

When you visualize different thing (happiness, health, wealth, quit smoking … etc) the process of visualization is slightly different. This is where the Visual Velocity Report becomes handy to you.

Sometimes, it is not just about visualization. It is more about visualize in the correct way!

For those who have grabbed your copy, I would advice you to read the Visual Velocity Report first. It is so important and yet most people oversee it. Another thing is, when you listen to the audio, pay attention to the beats. It is like massaging my head (temple) and it is so comfortable.

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For those who wish to grab a copy of Attraction Accelerator, here"s the link:

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P.S. As usual, I can"t wait to hear your success stories. Perhaps we can learn from each other successes.

P.P.S. Please feel free to drop a comment if you have things to share, questions about Attraction Accelerator, suggestion or opinion. Thanks

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    • Mind

      Don’t wait. Accelerate your Future!


    • raymond

      Yeah right, why should we wait? :P

    • Kulwinder

      Hi Raymond!
      Yours is a real success story! Keep it up!


    • raymond

      Thank you.

      All this would not be possible without the supportive readers. :P

    • Aldian Prakoso

      Keep up the great work Raymond!

    • raymond

      Thanks Aldian! :P

    • seslieses

      Don’t wait. Accelerate your Future! . .

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