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Lately, I see pregnant women very frequently. My neighbor is pregnant, by the way (LOL)

This makes me think of one of the Feng Shui’s divx fly ii the traditions. In symbolic Feng Shui, pregnant women are usually advised to hang some pictures of cute babies in their bedroom to ensure they will get an adorable cute baby or babies.

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If you desire baby boy, then hang some pictures of cute, healthy and adorable baby boys and the pictures of the baby girl that you love the most if you desire baby girl. assassination bureau the divx online

I believe this “tradition” is applied not only among Chinese or Feng Shui practitioners but also for other people in most of the countries too.

From the perspective of the Law of Attraction

, this is called visualization. Hanging the pictures itself will not do you any good. The purpose of those pictures is for you or the pregnant women or their husband to visualize their future baby or babies.

If you just hang them there and do not visualize it, then the pictures will be good for nothing. The magic comes from your mind and not from the pictures. The pictures are just tool, like a vision board.

When I say visualize, I mean visualize it in the right way. The positive emotions must present during the process of visualization. Imagine how will you feel (exactly) when the baby is born. Let the feeling flows in your body. Make it as real as possible.

Oh! and also do this constantly and persistently. You don"t want to visualize baby boy today and visualize baby girl tomorrow, do you? If you are not persistent, you are not in harmony with the universe and it is very unlikely to get what you desire for.

What I mean by “visualize constantly” is, you visualize it at least twice a day. The moment you wake up and before you sleep. Yes, you can do more than that if you want. It will accelerate the process of attraction.

If you feel that you can"t concentrate during the process of visualization, meaning, you keep thinking of other things and can not focus, then this tool will be very very handy to you.

This tool is great for those who want to accelerate the process of attraction and increase the probability of success too.

Visualize correctly and the universe will manifest the best for you.

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    • zaki blogjer

      What a coincidence :) I heard this advice from my parent even before I read LOA. That means old folks has applied LOA even before, only that I do not realize it is part of it

    • raymond

      That’s right, Zaki. Most cultures apply the Law of Attraction. It is just that they use it unconsciously or maybe they call it something else. :)

    • sofina bibi

      i really want a baby boy this is my first child. and i was told at 20 weeks scan its a girl and they were 95% sure. what can i do for a baby boy.

    • raymond

      Hi Sofina,

      Seems like the universe had already manifested a baby girl to you.

      What you can do now is to attract good health for your baby and smooth delivery and feel grateful for the gift from god.

      You can then begin to attract a baby boy for your second baby.

      Sometimes it is too late to change the result when the universe had manifested it to you.

      Just like the people who involve in an accident. They can not change what had already happened. What they can do is begin to attract the safe journey in the future.

      Look forward and express your gratitude for what you already have. Don’t ever try to feel regret because it will draw more regretful experiences into your life.

      I hope that helps :)

      Let me know what you think. I appreciate your comment.


    • harshleen

      I am planning a second baby,I want a baby boy…can you help me?

    • harshleen

      I am planning a second baby,I want a baby boy…can feng shui help me?

    • raymond

      Hi Harshleen,

      I’m sorry for my late reply. I attended a grand seminar lately.

      If you want baby boy, start visualizing. Subscribe for my free Attraction Accelerator ebook and you’ll have tons of ideas of visualization.

      Better still, get my Attraction Accelerator Audio and make sure you read the manual because it makes HUGE changes. :)

      As for feng shui, I’m not the expert. Perhaps you can check it out here.

      I hope that helps.

      Wamrest regards,
      Raymond :)

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    • best time to get pregnant

      I hope it works, doesnt hurt trying:)

    • raymond


      There’s no harm at all.

      Thanks for commenting. :)

    • Sebastian Moesta-Haldeman

      I’ve heard & seen this so many times growing up…a lot of cute kids do turn out to be some what plain & some awkward looking kids turn out to be quite beautiful…but of course there are exeptions.

      You can’t really compare your child within the first couple years because their looks change quite a bit, although, there is always that ‘base’ face that seems to stick around as in when you compare baby pics to their adult pic.

      Looks can be superficial anyway…just worry about teaching her to have good morals because it’s what’s on the inside that reflects on the outside…

    • raymond

      Hi Sebastian,

      I have seen a lot of real life examples too.

      But, like you said, it’s the inner self that matters. :)

      Thanks for sharing your point of view. :)

    • Boy or Girl?

      I\’ve always been a believer in visualization. What you \"see\" is what you get! Always look for the best, and you could end up with the best!

    • tina

      could you please help me show me how to visualize healthy baby. this is me first baby.
      and my second quation is how to visualize end of result. thank you so much.

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