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Change Your Strategy

October 27, 2007 | 8 Comments

Hello everybody,

Here we meet again. Today, we have come to the 3rd and the last step on how to create long lasting changes in your life. If you have not read the first few steps, or you want to re-read them, here are the links to follow:

How to Create Long Lasting Changes

Raise Your Standard

Don’t Get In A Way Of Your Self Limiting Belief

Let"s get straight to the third step, which is also the last step.

As what you can tell from the headline, the third step is to change your strategy.

“If you do what you always do, you will get what you always get”

What that means?

It means what are you getting right now is the residual outcome of your past action. If you are happy with what you get right now, keep on doing it.

However, if you are not happy or not satisfy with what you are getting right now, then you need to change your action blood trails dvdrip download . You need to stop doing what you are doing now and it"s time for you change your strategy.

Here"s an example on why one should change his/her strategy:

Let"s say there is a butterfly trapped in a house and it wants to get out of the house.

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While it flies around the house, it stumbles upon a clear transparent glass window where it can see the world out there. Yes! There is where it wants to be.

So it begins to charge at full speed towards the window and guess what?


As you can imagine, it knocks on the glass window. Well, that"s painful. But it gets up and charges again. It knocks the window over and over again.

That"s not the thing or the result it wants. So in order to change the results, the butterfly must first change its strategy. It needs to find another hole or another way out to make the long lasting changes

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in its life.

Do not be surprise if I tell you that most people living their life knocking on the clear transparent glass window and as they are too busy knocking the window, they never have the time to stop and think of trying another hole or window.

In the end, they blame the glass window for preventing them to get what they want and when they see other butterflies out there, the label them as “lucky” butterflies.

So, which butterfly are you?

divx gate the

Have you changed your strategy?

Share it with me in the comment box. :)

I"ll share some nice videos with you tomorrow

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks. I do agree with you yes change strategy. When things didn’t work you just have to change strategy again and again. Always look out for new things or ways to solve the solutions. Thanks again.

    • James – Creator Of The Ladder Of Dreams

      Hey Raymond,

      That’s the most important lesson everyone should learn if they intend to change their life, especially in the financial aspect.

      If a person worked half his life and never get any richer, what makes him think that he will get rich working the other half of his life? Wishful thinking I guess! What he needs is to change what he does.

      What exactly has to be done, that’s a totally different story but the fact is, doing the same thing won’t change his situation unless it has been proven conclusively, via a theory or real life example, that it could be done working the other half of his life.

      Remember, persistence is another important aspect if the person is already on the correct road. Given you something to think about, right? Hee Hee.


      PS: Oh, Congratz on your blog getting to PR 4! :) Cheers

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      That’s right, Rose.

      IF we don’t change the result, we’ll always get the same thing. :)

    • raymond

      Hi James,

      Thanks for sharing. :)

      And thanks for the food for thought too :P I appreciate that.

      After I check your comment, I saw that I got PR 8 but now, no ranking at all. (different network connection) :) Weird.

      But who cares … ;)

    • James – Creator Of The Ladder Of Dreams

      Hey Raymond,

      Don’t worry. Your PR4 is still sticking :P

      Every page as a PR (that’s why it’s called Page Rank, not site rank or something else), your main page is generally taken as the PR of your site.

      Your new pages has no rank, until the next update, and every other page that was present during the update will get some sort of rank depending on the number of backlinks (again in general). :P


    • raymond

      Hey James,

      I can’t believe that I forgot about that.

      I can see it now and congratulation to you too. We have the same PR. :)

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    • hikayeler

      thanks a lot

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