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I received a lot of emails lately asking me about some personal development gifts that I can recommend as Christmas gifts. Well, I can say that"s a very nice move because I have purchased a lot of packages and not all are good. Some are just junks and a total waste of money. (Yes, I was cheated by the over promise sales letters)

So, in this post, I will only recommend you those I think the best I have ever purchased just to make sure that you do not give the junk gifts to the one you love on the Christmas Day.

Frankly, I love digital products which I can download immediately after purchase because I can save myself heaps problems such as late delivery, broken or scratched goods, shipping cost and others.

I often purchase digital products for my niece; Gillian, during special occasion and she loves them very much.

All right, let"s get to the point. Here are some of my suggestions:

#1 – Attraction Accelerator

It is a downloadable audio. It consists of 2 audios (Attraction Accelerator and Attraction Activator) and a report which serves as a guide to guide you through different types of visualization processes from health to wealth to happiness. This is suitable for those who have low budget or looking for not so expensive stuffs.

Besides not so expensive, it serves as a meaningful gift and has the capability to improve and change ones life if use correctly and consistently.

Read its features and benefits HERE


#2 – The Super Mind Evolution System

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This is a huge package to teach you how to use your mind power to the fullest and how to live in the magical life. These books seldom touch on the word “Law of Attraction” but the basic concepts are the same.

It consists of a bunch of ebooks, hypnotic brain entrainment downloadable audios and tons of bonuses.

I would highly recommend this to you if you have more budget as it is a complete set of brain training material. The value of this package is superb.

Read its features and benefits HERE



This package consists of a series of ebooks not only about Law of Attraction but also other laws of universe and how they relate to each other.

I can"t stress enough how important the information in these books are especially if you want to make the Law of Attraction works for you in your life. It also explains all the reasons why most of the people fail to use the Law of Attraction to their own benefits.

Even if you do not interested to buy, I urge you to go to this website now because I believe that you can learn a lot of stuffs and get heaps of information there.

Besides, there"s a goal setting software (part of the package) which can help you to find out what you want in your life and give you the correct affirmation phrases to affirm your goals. (most people get this part wrong).

I find it very useful especially for those who are uncertain of what they really want in their life. This package is affordable for most people and would be a fantastic gift for Christmas especially if the recipient loves to read.

Find out its features and benefits HERE download allan quatermain and the temple of skulls free

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Mind Movies

This is a piece of software to help you to create a dynamic vision board and thus make your visualization process much easier as you can see what you want on the screen.

However, you need to create the video first. Frankly, I have not purchased this software but I find it interesting watching my friend creating his cool visualization videos with this software.

high plains drifter movie

Benefit: This is really cheap and you can get this software for your family and friends or create videos for them. This makes an excellent gift for low budget people.

Here"s the sample video created with this software

Click here to purchase it!

Well, that"s for today. brubaker divx download

I hope you like my recommendation. :)

P.S. I will release a fabulous Goal Setting ebook on the coming New Year Day and I will only give it for FREE to my subscribers. If you have not subscribe to my list please do so now (and grab some ebooks first) as I always have FREE stuffs to give away to my subscribers.

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    • John

      Thanks for this information and nice to read reviews. I liked “How to use your mind power”!

    • raymond

      Hi John,

      Thank you for your compliment. I’m glad that you like the Mind Power package. Trust me, I will blow your mind away and you’ll get excited till you can’t sleep. ;)

      Enjoy it!

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    • Tyler Young

      My favorite gift to give during Christmas day is a fruit basket with toys and gift certificates. they can really put a smile on someone’s face~~”

    • Corinne Edwards

      Raymond – this is a unique list and great suggestions.

      Never thought of this before.

      Thanks for the suggestions and the video is dynamite.

      • raymond

        Hi Corrine,

        Thank you for your wonderful feedback. I can’t agree more.

    • Debbie @ Happy Maker

      That mind movie is really cool. I do know from past experience what you think you are you are. It is amazing what the mind can do if we just use it to the fullest. Nice list of gifts. Thanks

      • raymond

        Hi Debbie,

        It’s indeed a great tool to powerful affirmation

    • Michelle Vandepas

      Some great creative ideas there! I like the mind movies – never thought about creating a movie for someone! I’ll have to do that. thanks

      • raymond

        Hi Michelle,

        That’s a wonderful idea. Make sure the person who receives it knows the power that lies within the movie.

    • Joel

      Interesting list and a different kind of Christmas gift – worth thinking about, thanks!

      • raymond


        It’s always better to give our love ones something which can change their lives forever than something useless or harmful.

      • raymond

        Thanks, Joel. :)

    • Blog Income for Women

      I cannot get enough of my Mind Movies.

      These are great (and important) gift ideas!


      • raymond

        Hi Krizia,

        We think alike. :)

    • Benjamin

      Thanks, Raymond.

      Mind Movies is a pretty cool software… and I’m also a pretty big fan of brainwave entrainment… which makes this a very nice list of Christmas gift ideas.

      keep smiling,


      • raymond

        Hey Benjamin,

        Give me 5. I’m a fan too.

    • David Rogers

      I admire your enthusiasm for these products, but as someone who has a totally different take on the LoA I’m not going to be tempted!

      • raymond

        Hi David,

        Thank you for your honest remark. :)

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