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Since I revealed that I have read the Ultimate Guide to Christmas ebook in the last 2 posts, a few readers actually sent me emails and asked me if I can share some Christmas Shopping tips with them on what to buy.

All right, first of all, I would like to clarify that I can"t just copy the whole ebook and paste it on my blog here for everybody.

Here are the reasons:

First, I must respect the copyright of the author. He/she has put in a lot of hard work to search for the best possible deal you can get online and put them in the book and sell it out at a very reasonable price.

Secondly, if I copy and paste it here for everybody, I will receive a legal letter from the author very soon. Yup, I"ll get sued by doing so. You don"t want me to be in trouble, do you? :)

Okay, I"m not trying to scold anybody. I just want to clarify that for those who don"t know about these principle and laws. I hope you don"t feel upset or offended by the statement.

Don"t worry, I"ll still share some shopping tips with you whenever possible (i.e. not breaking the rules)

Since Christmas shopping or generally any shopping is likely to be dominated by women, I"ll share what you can buy for your female friends, colleagues, family members, relatives or business partners.

There is a huge list of presents for men, children and everybody else too.

Click here to get the complete guide

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For guys, this tip can solve your problem too as most guys suffering from no idea on what to buy for Christmas.

Here are some simple suggestions for you

Recipes – get  some recipe books such as how to thaw a turkey, egg nog, gingerbread and plum pudding.

Jewelry – The selection of jewelerries will depends on who you want to give it to. Diamond ring, earrings, bangle, necklace would be nice

Beads - If you know how to make some, then this will be a great idea because it will be a more meaningful gift than those you can buy out there.

Baby care – If the person has a baby or babies, try to “survey” and see what is lacking or worn out or how you can make things better by some complimentary baby care sets.

Make up – This is one of women’s best friend. Beware that some women may think that they don’t look good to you when you give them some make up accessories (especially when they get it from guys). So, maybe you can counter this kind of thought by saying, “Only for beautiful women” or “pretty women’s best friend” or whatever creative compliment you can think of as you hand over the gift.

Candles - Candle plays a big part in Christmas and it gives romantic and erotic feelings too (depends on the occasion and atmosphere). Scented candle will be nice.

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Beautiful Clothes - If you think that you have a great taste when it comes to fashion, than you may consider this. Make you know the size of the person before you buy it so that it fits.

Women"s fashion - Not limited to clothes but also shoes, scarf, and others.

Flowers -

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This is the most suitable for your spouse or love ones. Make sure that the flowers is still fresh and smell nice. You don’t want to give a wilted dull flowers, do you?

Greeting Cards – Here’s a place where you can make your Christmas Greeting Cards online. You just have to select the pictures you want from your computer, enter the text or words that you want to say and it will let you save it as a pdf file where you can just print it out, fold it and give it away. Pretty simple, huh!

Here’s the link:

Here are more ideas:


Bath Products



Click here for more – The guide will not only show you what to buy but also where to buy it (for the best deal)

Word of caution (especially for guys): Bear I mind that you have to consider who will be the recipient when you choose the gift. You may not want to buy lingerie, rings or bath products for your colleagues, friends or daughters.

Baby care products for your girlfriend may not be appropriate.

So, choose your gift wisely.

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