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Clever Parrot

May 7, 2008 | 13 Comments

Hi fellow attractors,

Today, I’d like to share an interesting video with you.

Have you ever wonder how do parrots learn to talk?

They learn through a process called modeling. Modeling is easy and it has played an important part in our learning life.

We learned to talk, walk and run through modeling.

So, if you want to be a successful person (by your own definition), go and find a successful person. Then, model them.

If you want to be a powerful attractor, find a Law of Attraction guru

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and model them.

Isn’t that easy and interesting? You bet!

If a parrot can do it, why can’t you? :)

Go! Go! Go!

Find somebody you want to be and model them. It’s fun!

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    • Attraction Guy

      You’re right Rayomnd. During the NAC, I get to listen to T. Harv Eker’s speech. He mentioned about modeling as well.

      One awesome tips he mentioned that I remember till now is “Always bless and admire the rich people.” Most people (that includes me as well) always try to look down rich people in certain way such as “He just get lucky”, “It won’t last” or many other negative way of saying. That limits us to be rich and get the money that we want.

      I think that is very true and I’m practicing this until today. Is he cool?

    • Dining Room Tables

      Parroting is a word used to refer to someone who repeats whatever someone else says. For instance it is often said ” He parrots what his boss says”. The meaning is obvious! It takes a great deal of time and effort to train parrots.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Thanks for sharing. It takes time to learn any skill including modeling. :)

    • tanhailiang

      Yeah modelling is how we learn. This is so obvious in children trying to model after their parents.

      I remember my parents keep telling me to behave in front of my youngest brother so that he won’t learn “bad” things from me.

      But I feel nowadays, people then to believe in themselves and think too highly of themselves…to proud to model after successful people. Rather, they think negatively of them.

      So its inevitable they remain unsuccessful. Hey law of attract also applies in the negative way!

    • raymond

      Hi tanhailiang,

      Like the Zen master day, “How can you pour more tea to the cup when the cup is full”. :)

    • Rasterbator

      Wow that’s mind blowing vedio…
      i have seen parrot imitating human sounds but not animals before…
      This has given me some inspiration to do something

    • Bryan

      That is a great video Raymond. I thought that you used it well with your discussion too. I am finding it more and more important to have a great mentor to help me along.

    • raymond

      Hi Rasterbator,

      This parrot has some extraordinary skills (I guess) :)

    • raymond

      Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      Mentors shorten our learning curves and accelerate us to our goals too.

      NOT having any mentor is expensive. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Attraction Guy,

      I remember that as well. He is absolutely cool!

      I actually include that as a part of my affirmation and I do it literally every night!

    • Wii guy

      Great video man.
      Just shows if you work hard enough then you will get where you want to go. When people say sportmen and women have 5% natural ability and 95% hard work it really rings true in this clip.

      Cheers for sharing

    • raymond

      Hi Wii Guy,

      I agree with you. :)

      Thanks for commenting

    • décor mirrors

      This is a great video. I learned something and i got to realized that parrots are like people who always doing round around the bush.

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