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Create Lasting Change

September 15, 2009 | 26 Comments

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I’ve just returned from Anthony Robbins’ Seminar and YES it is an awesome seminar, as expected. I have also taken the 10-Day Challenge to Pure Energy to create an extraordinary quality of life. Today is the 7th day and I feel so good about myself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Well, enough about myself.

Today, I’m going to share some tips about creating lasting change. (Something that I learned from the seminar)

Creating change is easy. One can stop smoking for a day, diet for a day, go exercise for a day, study about investment for a day.

The question is, how about the next day? How long will the change last? Is that a lasting change or is that a temporary change?

What’s the point of losing 5 pounds in a week and gain back 10 pounds half a week later? Is the temporary change beneficial to you or it causes you more frustration? If it causes you more frustration, what’s the point of the change?

Here’s what most people do. They are exposed to some empowering information. It could be an inspiring movie, tape recording or seminar. Then they take the action to change. Then they feel the discomfort.

The people around them (mainly family members and friends) laugh at them and de-motivate them. They lose their momentum, motivation, inspiration and they get back to where they begin.

Here are the 3 steps to create lasting change.

Step #1 – Leverage

Leverage on your emotion. Associate all the immediate and unbearable pain for not changing NOW! And, at the same time, associate massive, immediate and extraordinary pleasure for the change. Bear this in mind as make it an emotional hook in your mind.

Human beings tend to move away from pain and towards pleasure. The pleasure will give you the motivation to move on. Whenever, you feel de-motivated, think of the massive, immediate pleasure that you can get from the change and all the immediate pain for sabotaging yourself.

“Change is never a matter of ability but the matter of motivation” – Anthony Robbins

Step #2 – Interrupt the pattern

When you find yourself going back to the old pattern, interrupt that behavior immediately.

Let’s say you want to lose weight and you know that you gotta stop to put unnecessary food into your mouth but sometimes, you find that you have the urge of taking in more food that you really need.

Do something extreme to break that pattern. It could be singing your favorite song out loud (yes, even in public), or make a funny face for a minute, or jump 3 times and laugh out loud. Whatever! Just do something to break the pattern

Step #3 – Create an empowering alternative

If you do not have an alternative, chances are, you will go back to where you begin. Alternative helps to bridge the gap and fill in the vacuum. If you want to quit watching TV, you must find other things that you can do to fill in the spare time. Not just anything but something that you truly passionate about.

So, whenever you feel like want to watch TV, you leverage on your emotions, break your pattern and go do other things that you passionate about.

If you follow these 3 steps to the letter, I’m sure you can create a lasting change in a heartbeat.

Bonus tip – Use the Law of Attraction

When you want to create a long lasting change, don’t forget to do visualization of your end result, arm yourself with positive emotion, have faith that you can do it and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!!!

When you apply the Law of Attraction into this equation, you give the universe the permission to use its power to help you through the whole process.

Well, do it and let me know what the results are. This is a great way to leverage on the power of the Law of Attraction. At the meantime, share your thought with me.

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    • Bo

      Tony Robbins is AMAZING in real life. I had the privelage to meet him and his energy is absolutely overwhelming. Follow his techniques and be can change your life.

      Great website. The Law of Attraction is a wonderful thing.

      • raymond

        Hi Bo,

        I totally agree with you. He is AWESOME!

    • Activity Toys

      The levarage tip is so true! It\’s why changing one small thing in life can lead to many more changes in the future – the thing you do instead of the thing you\’re giving up can lead to all sorts of new opportunities, for example.

      • raymond

        That’s right David,

        One thing leads to another and finally leads your destiny.

    • adt

      Interrupt the pattern is the best of the four points. People get stuck in a never ending pattern and change is not on the table. Thanks

      • raymond

        Hi Ady,

        That’s a powerful one and simple to do. :)

    • Plastics Manufacturer

      I like the idea of lasting change. It’s hard to stick to new things and habits, but replacing habits makes change a whole lot easier. Like if I find healthy food I like a lot, and replace my junk food with those healthy things….these ideas could work!

      • raymond

        Hi Plactics,

        Great to hear that you have found your way out of your junk food. :)

        Keep it going!

    • digital printing

      Hi, How to create real, signficant and lasting change in my life? what you say about that.

      • raymond

        Hi Digital printing,

        The answer is already written above. Go through it again. :)

    • Love Graphics

      sounds like it was a really great seminar, I wish I could have attended.

      • raymond

        Hi Love graphics,

        If you haven’t, then you should.

    • Briefcases

      Wow it sounds like that Tony Robbins seminar was very beneficial. This post brings up a good point. It is easy to make temporary change, but it is even easier to fall back to your old bad habits. Creating an alternative is a good idea. When you get an urge to give in to your bad habits, just make a point of doing something else. Your mind will eventually get used to doing that something else instead of the bad things.

      • raymond

        Hi Jeremy,

        You’re right to the point. :)

    • PSP Go

      Great ideas. We often start out enthusiastic and disciplined and lose steam as time goes on. I am going to put your ideas into practice.

    • Digital Satellite TV

      Hi Raymond,

      These are some great ideas! I will definitely be putting them into practice for my upcoming life changes!

    • Lumineers Cost

      I find that when I lose motivation while working on something, I need to take a break from the activity to re-energize myself. Works pretty effectively in my case.

      • raymond

        Hi Lumineers Cost,

        Same here. :)

    • Hypnosis Florida

      These 3 are awesome tips for change lasting. Thanks for share good tips.

    • Angel

      I agree with you. smallest of our actions will surely affect our future. thanks for sharing tips.

    • Buy Generic

      That’s a VERY powerful one and simple to do.

    • Lawsuit Loans

      I think the Anthony Robins seminar is a very motivational and inspirational event. I hope I could attend one next year.

      • raymond

        Hi Christopher, You must attend. :)

    • used tires

      That\’s great that you were able to attend a Anthony Robbins\’s Seminar, one of these days I too will attend one! I had a professor here at college who attended one of his seminars.

      Till then,


      • raymond

        Hi Jean,

        That’s a life changing event. You MUST GO!

    • Ranee Wilbur

      Hey all,

      Its very glad to know that you attend the Anthony Robbins\’s Seminar , i know that the seminar of Anthony Robbins\’s are very inspirational and motivating also , i also attended on of the seminars and i really enjoyed that, i hope i will attend the next seminar asap..

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