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Warren Buffett speaking to a group of students...Image via WikipediaI turn on the radio. I heard about the recession. Then I turn it off. I check my emails. Almost half of them are about the economic depression. (Even my students are telling me about the drop of A$)

I then surf the internet. Almost every page I surf is talking about the depression and last night, while I check my email, a friend of mine send me a video of interview with Warren Buffet.

Phew … finally I got some positive energy about the recession. That’s what I really want right now. I admit that the economic depression has hurt my business a little bit but I know that I should focus on the bright side of the “event” such as how I can use it to my business’ advantage.

The advertising cost is much lower now. The competition is not as stiff as before and I can spend my marketing budget more effectively than ever.

Not all things are bad if we choose to look at it from the positive perspective.

The first thing you should do while dealing with the economy recession is not to focus on it unless

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you are focusing on the positive side such as purchasing stocks at bargaining prices, purchase real estate is a bulk at ridiculous low price … etc.

“Energy flows where attention goes”

Instead of focusing on the problem, why not use the energy to think of the solution? If you are in employment, think how you can use this opportunity to start your own small part time business. Who knows that it will prosper in years to come?

If you are in business, most of your competitors are crushed by now and this is an unfair advantage for you. Redesign your marketing approach, product and brainstorm how you can serve and help more people during this “hard time”.

The Law of Attraction states that you will attract what you think. So, the more you think of the solution, the more you are going to attract the solution.

The second thing is to use the power of visualization. This method is deadly if you use it to visualize on every potential problem or disaster. Visualization should be used to visualize the end result that you really want.

If you want prosperity, visualize it. If you want a business partner or an investor to work with, visualize it. Here’s the disclaimer, when you do the visualization, do not take it as a chores or treat it as a burden, it will not work because you are associating negative feelings to it.

Here’s an excellent way to make quick money legally and ethically. Russell Brunson, one of the most renowned internet marketers is giving away free internet marketing lesson to the public as a way of giving back to the society especially during this economy crisis.

Besides getting tons of free lessons to help you grow or start your own business, you’ll also get paid by referring people to sign-up to his free lessons. (like what I am doing now)

I made tens of dollars in ONLY a couple of hours just by putting up a post in a forum. The whole process took me less than 15 minutes.

Sign up to the free lesson here

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If you are looking for the solution you’ll get it! If you are struggling to put bread and butter on the table, this should be your golden opportunity.

I hope this article gives you the tips that can help you to reduce your stress, anxiety and tension and give you a new light to look at life. I’d love to hear from you. Send me your comment and tell me what you think.

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    • Dining Room Tables

      Yes, I too have been adversely affected by the current turmoil but have been using all the techniques of LOA to keep myself on even keel. Cannot think of anything else to do!

    • raymond

      I’m updating my mind movies to my ipod while typing this. I’ll keep on visualizing the best for myself.

      I’m sure you would too. :)

    • Arts Musings

      I think the news media’s coverage of the recession perpetuates the recession. People panic and stop spending. They focus on the recession so it starts to create a collective energy pattern of fear and doubt – an endless cycle.

      Here’s what I do and what we encourage our clients to focus on: choose to focus on the belief that you will always be taken care of. Focus on what you can control instead of what you can’t. Choose to focus on problem solving and how to help yourself. And ask yourself…how can I be of service to others.

      If more of us thought and felt that way, what would that collective energy do?!

    • raymond

      Hi Arts Musings,

      Thank you for sharing your point of view.

      That’s what the News media do. They stir up the situation and make their news interesting because it sells.

      I’d rather spend my precious time to come out with some new marketing methods than to scream “the sky is falling!!!” :)

    • Nicole Price

      Although my stock portfolio has been adversely affected by the market’s behavior, i am convinced that this is the time to buy. After all the stock market is ONLY about Buy low sell high!

    • raymond

      That’s true, Nicole

      “Be greedy when everybody else is fearful and be fearful when everybody else is greedy” – Warren Buffet.

    • cat

      Thanks for the information, the News media do a lot of things that are not good, but what we can do about this?

    • raymond

      Hi Cat,

      We can always choose not to listen or read or watch them.

      You can not change the direction of the wind, but you can always adjust your sail.

    • Atniz

      Glad you could find the positive energy from W.B interview video. I’m a full time business women and the economic crisis really hit me bad. I have learned a lot about myself that I don’t even know earlier in this period. Reading your posts motivates me to fight further for my business.

    • raymond

      Hi Atniz,

      Go for it! Nothing is permanent. Even the recession is only temporary.

    • http://CalabriaProperty calabria property

      Internet marketing is not disimilar to any other business, effort, research and application may result in success.

    • raymond

      Hi Calabria,

      You are partially right.

      Internet can help you to reach far more people than you imagine possible. :)

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