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I posted a question in my facebook last month. Here"s the question:

“What is your point of view towards the Law of Attraction”. watch wind chill in divx

I received quite a number of replies. One of them stands out from the crowd. I read like this:

I’m not so sure. I get to think about the children in Ethiopia and suddenly the Law of Attraction doesn’t make much sense to me. How did they attract the hunger in their lives? I think this Law only works randomly and is quite selective and picky. download family guy presents stewie griffin the untold story free

The answer made me think hard for quite a while. I still have strong faith in the Law of Attraction because it has been proven with Science (I have discussed that yesterday. Read it here download buster free )

I still have unwavering faith in the Law of Attraction but for some unknown reasons, I could not explain it. I believe that there"s an explanation out there. All I need to do is to find it out or attract it. (the explanation)

Within a month, the solution lands in my inbox. (it works!)

And I would like to share the explanation with you here.

Let"s watch this video.

Wow! I guess that gives a pretty clear explanation. Please comment and tell me what you think. :)

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They are very informative and FREE.

I"m sure this will deepen your understanding in the Law of attraction.

Stay tune as we have more to share with you tomorrow.

Speak soon.

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      I’m just passing through couldn’t help but like to give commnets of what I think. Thanks for sharing the video.
      Well the LOA works all the time it just a matter how well we understand it. What I can say that LOA done no wrong but human are always at fault. For instead take the children in Ethiopia they didn’t attract the hunger in their lives. The environment needs to change to the better way. Secondly help is always on its way in term of food but it didn’t reach them again human is at fault. Law of the Universe always work it will give but like always human is also at fault from disobeying the rules or laws stated. Sorry if my commnets and thinking not well said as I’m still looking for answer of how to solve problems. By the way hope you enjoy your stay there, happy holiday.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      You make me think of a person who claims that he/she do not know agree with the Law of Gravity.

      Who cares? Do you think the Gravity will get sad? :)

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