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Few days ago, I posted about what one of my friends have said about his doubt towards the Law of Attraction and had given me some strong points to support his thought. Below are what I personally think from my own perspective.

When we talk about like attracts like

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, we are talking at the level of vibration or at the level of thought. Bob Doyle clarifies this very clearly in the movie, The Secret


With that, I mean, it doesn’t work on matters such as magnet, money and so on.

Basic Science teaches us that in the Law of Magnetism definitely maybe dvd download , different attracts and like repel. This law works and ONLY works for MAGNET. It doesn’t work for money, cars, wave, table … etc.

Try to put 2 pieces of ONE DOLLAR note together.

Do they repel? NO!

Do they attract to each other? NO!


It’s simply because the ONE DOLLAR note is not a magnetic material. They do not have the polarity (N-S)

At the same time, they are not wave/vibration either. They are objects. Solid matter. They are not wave or vibration. Thus, they do not have to obey the Law of Attraction at all. (why should they)

The Law of Attraction is a part or the subset of the Law of vibration download halloween online and it works only for waves. Not for matter.

That explains why you can not exchange money with money (let’s put FOREX aside)

If you think carefully, you’ll find that all the steps and methods shown in The Secret movie such as visualization, emotion, thoughts …etc involve wave and vibration.

The reason behind it is because the Law of Attraction only applies to waves and vibration.

Have some doubts, disagreement, opinion, thoughts or question about the Law of Attraction? Let’s share it with me. My mind is open to you. Let’s see  how the magic begins.

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    • optimindzer

      you are right, money can not exchange money until we know how to apply the Law of Attraction .

    • Mind Power

      I observed that the effort to earn $100 is the same as the effort to earn $10,000.00 So what separates the high rollers from the mediocres? Simply what they focus on.

    • raymond

      Hi Mind Power,

      I can’t agree more with you. It really takes the same effort.

    • raymond

      Hi Optimindzer,

      Thanks for sharing the thought.

      I attract money with the vibration I put out and of course, some action too. ;)

      Thanks for coming and commenting.

    • Attraction Guy

      Thanks Raymond. You just solve a big question of mine in this post which is about opposite things attracting each other.

    • Webhostingpad

      Hi raymond, louiss here. I know that law of vibration is one of there attraction to anything that I one.

      Frankly tell you, 2 years ago I still study in University and struggle on how to make my first million in 5 years period? I figure out the possible method and I take action on it. And Today, I earning 5 figures each month just to put on my ideas, dream and take action. Is this called the law of attraction? Wish I do understand it correctly.

    • Louiss

      And this is my personal site, will come back to you again later.

    • raymond

      Hi Attracting Guy,

      Phew! I believe it solves many people’s problem too. :)

      Glad that you like it.

    • raymond

      Hi Louiss,

      Everything that comes into your life (good or bad) has to do with the Law of Attraction.

      I’m glad to hear your achievement. :)


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    • Robert | reason4smile

      How about law of attraction and law of sowing and reaping?

      The sowing and reaping law is saying “When you give it will be given back to you!”
      How is it compared to the law of attraction???

      I hope you’re not frustrated on my question again =)


    • raymond

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your question. I think I’m going to write an article about it again, this time, within this week. I hope you don’t mind. :)

      I just want to share my point of view with more people. ;)

    • Robert @ reason4smile

      Lol, sure =) I’ll wait for that, I like to give you challenges. Hope you don’t get tired answering. As we both live in Singapore, why don’t we meet up sometime =)


    • raymond

      Hi Robert,

      The article will be published tomorrow.

      I actually have that idea in mind (to meet up)

      That will be cool. :)

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