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Boy assembling a book caseImage via Wikipedia Have you ever had the experience where you have done so many good things to other people, and one day when you did something wrongly, all the good deeds you did in the past are completely forgotten.

Can you imagine how dense the negative energy is? When this happens, your mind is likely to come out with the disempowering phrases like:

Nobody appreciate what I do.

I’m useless. there will be blood divx online

The world is unfair divx exorcism of emily rose the

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I’m at the end of the world

Having these negative thoughts are like drilling your own boat in the middle of an ocean. It doesn’t matter where you drill it. It is going to sink.

It’s easier to said than done

This is the phrase that I often get from the people I talk to. I agree that it is not as easy as we say it. My reply to this statement is always, “Practice makes perfect!”

I am not a perfect person and it doesn’t happen to me as easy as I say it. But … what I do different than many others is I practice to think it that way and I believe that I’ll reach a state where I can control my thoughts easily.

The result? I find myself more aware of the negative thoughts than when I first started out. Look. Even though I can’t change my thought as easy as flipping a switch, but I can see the huge improvement in me. It worths all the effort I put in and it definitely helps in the process of my attraction and manifestation.

If you can’t stop yourself from drilling your own boat, then try to drill fewer holes. At least it can help you to reach the shore before your boat sink.

According to the Law of Attraction, the more negative vibration you put out, the more negative events you will attract. You may have heard this millions of times but the question is, what do you do to change it?

If you can not stop the negative thoughts, reduce it! The fewer, the better. I wish you all the success in your practice of the Law of Attraction.

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    • Eva White

      It does happen even though you know you should not say this to yourself. Some times it is very difficult to control these thoughts.

    • raymond

      I can understand the level of difficulty since we are programmed to behave that way, but it’s not impossible to do it. :)

    • dr hapizi

      from NLP, it is taught that our nervous systems, through our 5 senses, are bombarded by 2 million bits of data each second of the day.

      we can only digest 126 bits of that data each second

      these 2 million data pass through ‘filters’ which delete, distort and generalise the data and only 126 bits enter our mind

      these ‘filters’ depend on our believe, values, memories and experience

      moral: if you set your ‘filters’ postive, then all the data entered will be positive

      “thoughts create things”-mike dooley

    • raymond

      I learned a great deal of filters from Dr Robert Anthony.

      It’s the filter that creates who we are.

      That explains why 2 people in the exact same situation behave differently.

      They are “wearing” 2 different filters.

    • Dining Room Tables

      Our life experiences are mostly positive. Unfortunately however, what we obsess about are the much less negative experiences. These are the ones that keep up the running refrain in our minds. You are right to point out that we must filter out these to attract all good things into our lives.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      That’s right. If the old filter doesn’t do the job, change a new one. :)

    • PSP Go

      I think we all have self-defeatist days where we think “poor me”. But we need to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps very quickly or it becomes a habit to feel like that.

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