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I have a long chat with an old friend yesterday. We chat a lot of things including her children, her husband, family, relatives, business and so on.

So, at one point of the conversation, she told me something that had befallen one of her relatives which has a close relation to the Law of Attraction legionnaire divx download

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That gives me the urge to share it with you and perhaps we can take it as a case study.

Basically, she told me that one of her relatives perform a ritual (I"m not sure what kind of ritual is that) for their whole family to enhance the good luck of the family and to remedy the bad luck away (something like that)

They would have some “ritual performers” or fortune tellers to count and predict their luck base on their date of birth, house facing direction, location … etc.

At the end of the ritual, a fortune teller predict that something bad is going to befall one of the family members (Let"s call her Miss A), particularly between the 10th – 15th of the month (Lunar calendar) and asked Miss A not to go out so often unless necessary and pray hard to god.

So, Miss A chose not to believe it. She kept on saying that this is not real and insisted not to accept the fortune teller"s advice. five across the eyes download

On the 10th, she began to worry but nothing happened. On the 11th, nothing happened. On the 13th nothing happened. What a relief, on the 14th nothing happen too. Now she can let go all the worries and on the 15th of the month, she declared that the fortune teller was WRONG!

She felt so happy that she was safe until she walked out the door and hit by a car right in front of her house.

Now, before I proceed further to talk about the Law of Attraction

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, I want to listen to your comment. What do you think about this situation? What do you have in mind? I"m all ‘eyes’. Share with me.

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    • Living Rooms

      I dont think i believe in luck, bad or otherwise. ‘Luck’ is just a lable people attatch to something that is otherwise inexplicable.

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Wow! this is a tough case to solve. But I would love to try solving. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
      In the first place be careful of “ritual performers” as it involved your thought. The case study here I see that she don’t understand the law of the mind. I find it contradicting as she said above ” she insisted not to accept the fortune teller"s advice”. But why in the world she visited the fortune teller. Another things why worry what going to happen on that particular days. Pity her she don’t understand the law of vibration, hey, didn’t you tell us LOA and LOV goes together. So be careful of the thought, she playing with her thought, without knowing she attracting the things she don’t want and it’s vibrating. Raymond, how do you find my presentation here, some info due to reading your many post written. Do I have a chance to be a lawyer, I rest my case. What’s the verdict? Thanks for this challenging post. I’m still studying the many laws of the univers, we made too many mistake coz we didn’t know. Thanks again.

    • raymond

      Hi Living Room,

      “Luck is opportunity meets preparation” – Tony Robbins :)

      It applies to the case above too. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Thanks for sharing.

      First of all, I do not know this woman at all.

      Some times, what people say is different from what he/she think. Most people like to do that. :)

    • Benjamin

      My first thought was this “chance”.

      But then I was suddenly hit by a memory, that made me not so sure any more. Let me share it with you here.

      I was on my way to the hospital, I can`t remember what my business was there that day, but what I do remember is this. I thought to myself as I walked towards the hospital entrance, that if I ever was going to get hit by a car, I wish it would happen here so I would be close to medical care…

      Silly thought I know, but it just popped up in my mind.

      The same second as I thought that thought I got hit by an ambulance! No severe injuries luckly, just some bruises.. but boy, that was a scary incident.

      So chance?.. Perhaps not.

      With my warmest regards,

      Day 3 – 30, forming a new habit

    • raymond

      Hi Benjamin,

      Thank god that you are all right. That shows us how powerful the Law of Attraction is.

      Thanks for sharing the great and valuable lesson with us. :)

    • Rina

      I guess when we tell ourselves or try to convince ourselves that something isn’t true as with the case of the lady in your story, we are actually focusing on what isn’t true. And eventually it’ll become a reality because in not trying to focus on it we are actually putting it into our thoughts and silently/unknowingly willing for it to happen. Like when someone tells you not to imagine a cake, you immediately have a picture of a cake in your mind. So the best thing would be to imagine how we want an outcome to be. Focusing on a good outcome will force the good thing to materialise instead.

    • raymond

      HI Rina,

      That’s very true. We must know how to shift our focus.

      Let’s say, if we don’t like the cake, then don’t focus on the cake. Instead, focus on other things such as bread, pizza … etc.

      Knowing how to shift the focus will perform wonders. :)

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Just to share, correct me if my understanding here not clear.
      “Some times, what people say is different from what he/she think. Most people like to do that”. Is it possible that they are not aware of how they think. What more to understand law of the mind. Especially the mind don’t take the words don’t, no, cannot etc as often being told. Just like what Rina was saying “not to imagine a cake” but still the mind see it in image regardless of the word “not”. The lady in your story keep saying negatives words with emotion, with focus and it attract. What more the subconscious itself is a law of belief will then make it into reality. Hope I’m right. Thank you.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Thanks for commenting.

      Yes, you’re right! :)

    • Pearl Neo

      Absolutely agreed with Rina’s explaination on shifting focus on good outcome instead of telling ourselves not to think of the bad outcome. That’s The Secret. We just always let Law of attraction works without noticing it. I still have a long way to work on this. I tend to lost focus & temper once my son agitates me; and destroy all the good frequency in split second. Thanks for the reminder.

    • raymond

      Hi Pearl Neo,

      It’s still not too late to know it now. :)

      The good news is that you are aware of it and able to see how powerful it is.

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