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This is a story that I have just listened from the radio and I find it meaningful. So, I decide to share it with you.

Here it goes:

There was a young man who keep sighing and complaining about his poor life. He was wondering why he was so poor that he could not even afford to spend a day"s vacation by the seaside.

As he was complaining, an old man overheard him and tell him, “Young man, what if I give you the riches you want in exchange for everything you want in your life?”

The young man was overjoyed and said, “Sure, why not? After all, I do not have much left with me. What would you want from me?” poltergeist divx

The old man began to make his offers, “Would you sell your left arm to me for $500k?”

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“No, I won"t”

“How about selling your right leg to me for one million dollar?”

“Nope, don"t even think about it”

“All right, I want to buy your right eye with TWO MILLION dollars”

With a frightening voice, the young man replied, “NO! You"re crazy!”

The old man then laughed and said, “Young man. You worth more than 3 Million dollars and yet you still say that you are poor.”

The old man continued, “With those hands, legs and eyes, you can earn billions of dollars in your life.”

The young man just kept quiet and walked away with a precious lesson of his life.

The moral of the story is, you do not need all the riches in the world to be happy. There are just 2 things that you need to stay happy which are the attitude of gratitude and confidence.

What do you think of the story? What other moral values do you get from this story? Talk to me. I"ll be reading all your comments.

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    • SEO Web Design

      A person’s life is definitely worth more than a billion dollars. I always believe that riches come with effort.

    • raymond

      Hi SEO Web Design,

      We are all born millionaire. It’s just the matter of how we spend it with out mind. :)

    • Fort Worth Office Space

      I really don’t need a billion dollars, all I want is $75 million. That should about cover it. :)

    • zaki blogjer

      This is really an eye opener. Even yourself, worth millions, your efforts absolutely worth more than that.

      Btw, Raymond, you never short of idea to motivate everyone. From where the idea came from?

    • Rina

      You must be thankful for what you have now and make full use of it to achieve more greatness in your life.

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,

      We are rich. It’s just that it doesn’t appear in the form of money.

      As for the ideas, believe it or not, I attract it. They usually come to me when I was in alpha state (and sometimes the ideas disturb the process of my visualization too – But I’m grateful for the ideas)

      Now, I have more than enough to write everyday. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Rina,

      Gratitude is the key to happiness. :)

    • Land Projects UK

      That’s very true! Inspiring story.. Another lesson is that you must be contented with what you have in life and make the best out of it. I guess no money can but real and true happiness..

    • raymond

      Hi Land Projects UK,

      I can’t agree more. Feeling contented and grateful is indeed a key to happiness.

    • raymond

      Hi Fort Worth Office Space,

      Amazing! How do you count that out? :P

    • Billionaire Strategies

      Never overlook focus, perseverance, and hard work.

    • raymond

      Hi Billionaire Strategies,

      I like that. Simple and meaningful :)

    • Kenneth @ Dallas Real Estate

      billionaire caught my attention….I think most would be happy with multi million….

    • uk dress

      billionaire caught my attention….I think most would be happy with multi million….

    • kis bahçesi

      :) i will tell this story to my friends. we have to greatfull to god. dont quit praying. have a nice day.

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