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Image via WikipediaLet me begin today’s post by introducing you with one of the poisons that we have been bombarded ever since we are young.

One of the examples is, we are told and reminded time and time again that we should not build the castle in the air and instead, pay more attention to what our teachers and parents are saying.

Meanwhile, we are thought to follow instruction instead of creating our own way of living.

What a deadly poison!Einstein and  Indian poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore during their widely-publicized July 14, 1930 conversation

Look at Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Henry Ford.

What do they have in common?

They are all dreamers. They have built tens of thousands of castles in the air.

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with building the castle in the air. But we must make sure that we remember to build the foundation under those castles.

I would say that day dreaming is no different with the process of visualization. Therefore, if you watch The Secret, you’ll realize that visualization is extremely important step in the process of manifestation.

After all, Law of Attraction is about building the castle in the air of our mind and takes the necessary massive action to duplicate it in the reality.

As a teacher, I always encourage my students to dream BIG but at the appropriate time! I believe that this sounds better than telling my students not to dream at all!

What about you? I mean your point of view? Share it with me!

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    • Benjamin

      Did not know you where a teacher Ray, nice getting to know you ;)

      The imagination is power full indeed. Without it we would never have any progress. I believe through building our castles we aim higher then our current standards.

      A good thing when they result in improvements, but there are also many examples of ppl stuck in their constant schemes for “short-cuts” for i.e. getting rich fast with the least effort.

      I would say to build as many castles in the air as you like, when you like…but realize they may be taking resources you might be able to put to better use i.e. taking action towards the realization of a castle in the air, not just imagining it. Also, keep measuring the proximity… meaning if they keep just being just a castle in the air, and never get any closer to your reach it is not serving you. They must be obtainable, though they might seem unreachable at the time the thought is conceived, you must feel the get just a little bit within reach over time, or they are just day-dreaming, none productive thoughts.

    • Dining Room Tables

      Sadly, modern education combined with parent pressure puts too much emphasis on being competitive and towards scoring high grades. In the olden golden days, education was meant for learning to learn, which included a good dose of being imaginative and innovative. All the examples given by you, and more modern ones, are inevitably, drop outs of the regular education system. That is how they have been able to be inventive and innovative. Modern parents and teachers, are goal driven and sadly miss out on making good rounded personalities of their wards. Nature however abhors vacuums and created mavericks. Thank God for that.

    • raymond

      Hi Benjamin,

      You are right!

      There’s no shortcut to success.

      The only shortcut is to take action.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      I’m actually quite disappointed with the current educational system.

      “Nature however abhors vacuums and created mavericks”

      I love that. :)

    • Heru

      I am agree, that current educational system is quite a disappointment. I and my wife take step into teaching my son without having him sitting down and read. He can read when he like. Since we learned that he learned faster while playing (physcal playing – not ps or nds)we played with him when we want him to study. One of our favorite game is stone, paper and scissor. It works so well that my wife is so surprised and happy.

      My son is definitely building a castle in the air, well, as a parent I help him build the foundation from the ground.

    • raymond

      Hey Heru,

      What a great parent you are.

      Your son must have enjoyed the learning process very much. :)

      That’s the way it is. ;)

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    • law of attraction

      Hoping ever good son should get parent like you..! :)
      never forbidden the world you create for your sons. is only i like say.

    • raymond

      That’s for sure. Some of my students asked me to be their father too. (sweat!)

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