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We all know that if we are taking the right food at the right amount, our body will be healthy, we will feel happy, energetic and life is just great and fantastic. However, if we are taking the wrong food, we will have problems and the problem is not something you desire or enjoy.

The same thing goes to our mind. In the modern world, the wrong food or the negative thoughts enter our mind in such a beautiful way that we don"t even aware of them. In fact, we love them very much.

Those negative thoughts from the radios, televisions, magazines and other form of advertisement keep on bombarding our mind each and everyday because we allow them to do so.

Have you ever seen or heard something like this from some adverts?

“If you take this XYZ pills, you will stay healthy, happy, strong, good mood … etc.” then there picture or scene of people who do not take the “healthy pills” and living in a dull, boring, weak life. national lampoon s pledge this naughty version download free

We all know that this is not true. If we do not take the pills we still can live in a healthy life by exercise regularly, consume the right food and think positively. In fact, this natural way is much better than taking those pills.

If the advertisement is true, then how those people in the past (before the production of the pills) survive. Are they all living in a terrible life full of miseries? Of course not.

Even though our conscious mind can tell that it is not true, there is another point of entry which we are not aware of. Correct! That is our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind does not think logically. All it does is store all the information we receive from our sensory organs. Whatever we hear, see, feel, taste and smell is true to our subconscious mind.

If the same information keeps coming regularly (which is what advertisements do) it will affect our conscious mind too. Slowly, our conscious mind will believe it is true too.

Well, that is only one out of many examples. I will give you more examples tomorrow and let’s see how we can overcome this. violent kind the dvdrip

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